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Forum: Remembering Europe 1999 interactive! add your memory or feeling from the trip!

This Page has been UPDATED!!January 4, 2000
Dear Fellow Euro'99 Trekkers! I had the most amazing time and would like to thank each and everyone of you for contributing and making it happen, just like we dreamed! We had our ups and downs on the path here but it was all worthwhile! Even with my lovely knee injury (which still hurts from tim to time and is healing) I will never forget the times, tales, friends and memories that will always be recalled when thinking of our trip! I invite all of you (if you still have those cards i made on how to enter!) would input memories, feelings or anything to a Remember Euro 1999 page, i'm going to add!Hope you guys are getting to together photo albums and scrapbooks, I'd love to see. I hope we all meet again to watch the rest of our video (i'd love to see my fall again, our interviews on the train :), and the heidi story!) and we need to do the troop scrapbook for the council and/or the troop! Call me if you know about any meetings or anything evolving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a grrrrreat trip! Love always, Lynan To Europe 1999 Members: I hope my website has been adding to the Europe 1999 experience for you. I hope this will be a place where we can have everything for our trip planned as well as anything and everything leading up to the day recorded. If anyone of us has a question they can come here and leave with it answered. We are living in the Information Age in Silicon Valley and we need to be on the "web"just like just about everything else in the world!If anyone wants to help keep this homepage updated with me, I'll take all the help I can get!I want to add so much more to the site but I can only type so much, so fast.Contact Me! To Visitors: This page is basicly for Europe 1999's information but if you are interested please feel free to browse. If you are interested in Europe 1999 and wish to contact us. You can email me, the website editor, Lynan, at the adress below or go to the Contact Europe 1999 link and contact us through that.If you wish to start a website for your group and would like assistance, you can email me from below.There is alot of info on our trip so feel free to explore and read about our progress. If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions you can email me at the adress below or call me at 354-9423. I'll be happy to oblige! Thank you and EXPLORE and ENJOY!!!!! Lynan =) Troop #676, Service Unit 8, Girl Scout of Santa Clara County, USA Feel Free to Call Me Up If You Have Questions or NEED HELP!! I LIKE TO HELP!