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The Rest of the Anti Sailor Moon Community

As complete a database as I can get. I'll keep adding. The sites are rated depending on how I felt about them. Some are good, Some are ridiculous. I'm not saying my page is awesome or anything, I just thought I'd rate the sites for something novel, (or not so novel).

Rating system:

1 is a 1, it makes sailor moon happy because it just isn't a good ASM page.
2 is a 2, it's getting better.
3 is a 3, it's a pretty average page, mine's probably at this level on my scale.
4 is a 4, Sailor Moon is shocked! Way to go!
5 is a 5, Sailor Moon is furious! How dare you, you slimeball! Best of the best.

Note: Not all of these pages are active. Some haven't been worked on for a very long time. I haven't been watching, so I can't be sure which ones, but I know a lot of my requests are never answered from many of the pages. Also, I'd like to mention that I am in no way trying to criticize other ASM site owners, and am merely giving my opinion. I really hope you guys understand, I just want to make things a little more interesting here. Sites are rated on content, individuality, updating, etc. It might be a good site in some ways, but may get a lower rating because it hasn't been updated since last year.

Eclipse of the Anti-Moon 4
Toad's Anti Sailor Moon Page 4
Insanity4Me`s Anti Sailormoon Page 4
Death To Sailor Moon 4
Sailor Spork's Sailor Moon Obsession Page 4
Chaos 4
Ice Sailor Moon 3
Tarantulus' Anti Sailor Moon Page 3
SBP's Anti Sailor Moon Homepage 3
Patrot's ISM Page 2
Sailor Moon Ring of Non Appreciation Homepage 2
Sane People Against Sailor Moon 2
The Many Deaths of Sailor Moon 2
Sailor Moon Anonymous 2
Luke's ISM Page 2
Anti-Sailor Moon Shrine 2
Sailor Moon Is Bad 1
K's Anti Sailor Moon Base 1
Alex's ASM Page 1
Anti Sailor Moon Stuff 1
Yet Another Sailor Moon Ate My Balls 1
Sailor Moon Sucks 1 Plagiarist!

Anti Sailor Moon Page Reviews
Seraph Janus' Anti Sailor Moon Page Reviews 4
Review of Anti-Sailor Moon and Pokemon Pages 2