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Info LAST Update: 29 DEC 1998

ThanZ U 4 visiting my World.This is my first homepage so if u have any comment juz email me!
Please Remember to sign my GuestBookThanX!Hmm Let me introduce myself-=-=>
Full Name |Seow Weihua| AkA |dodo| from Singapore-Blk422-|BtBatok-wEsT| BlK946 -|JuronG-West|
Currently Stardee atNgee Ann Poly |Electrical Engineering|
Formerly BukitViewSecSch & GhimMoh,PrincessElizabethPriSch
DODO come to this world at 25th October (1997)
AScorpioBOYwho loves to make friends from all over the earth!
Music lover esp>Masterboy,Aqua.NoDoubt,Cranberries,BackstreetBoys,Faye
Movies,Irc,Chatting,Sleeping,WWF |Bret^HitMan^Hart| & |Utimate Warrior| & |Jake The snake Robert|....!
,a bigbig soccerfan of Great Liverpool |Steve McManaman|and|Hidetoshi-nAkAtA|!
,CyCling -,,- ReadinG-ComiCCC-Especially rAnmA1/2...and ghost-storY.AnD TeleTuBBies --Eh Ho--> LaaLaa !!!

My Favourite colour = BLUE,BLACK...!
Favourite Song =>


I amIRC Siao 1..U can find me in Galaxynet(Pacific)Net Server in <<#SteadLess channel>> using |dodo^00^| or |REtRO^00^| or |dodopOwer| Nickname....!SUPPORT MY CHANNEL#SteadLess!-If U have ICQ(The ICQ program enables you to "dial" anyone on the Net at your discretion, without having to make any prior arrangements with him or her)U can leave Ur MsG:) My Uni no.<==1250064==....!

If you want to know more abt me...You can-=-=>
Add me in your icq , Find me in irc , Leave me message below =|OR|= Juz Email me..!

PiCWhen I Was Young

PiC When I Was In Pri2

PiC When I Was In Sec5

PiC My Ugly Neo-Print Picture

PiC My latest pic 2000

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