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Hello! The picture above, of the double headed eagle is there because of my Albanian heritage. Below are some poems, the first one was actually written for me, by someone that I hold dear to my heart, the other three poems were written by my sister, Lindita, for my 3 Children! She lives pretty far away, and only gets to see us once a year. I hope you enjoy them! Dont forget that I have added a guest book, be sure to sign it for me, and don't forget to check out my photo links!

I'm missing you,

The days and nights are longer,

Without you closeby,

I can't feel your touch,

Can't taste your lips,

Can't loose myself in paradise!


The first time I met you

I noticed your big blue eyes

With your long black lashes

Staring around wondering

Where you were

Everything and everyone

Were new to you...

As the years passed

Your eyes became the home

Of the mischieveous look

And you were into everything...

All we know

Is your heart is full of love

And to this day

And forever on

You are the one and only

Birthday present I never will forget!!

Written by Aunty Linda! (Tyler was born on her birthday)


Watching your cute little face

When you whinge

Is a sight that makes me wish

A wish of laughter

Wishing I could see

Your beautiful blue eyes so bright

With pleasure

And your ruby red lips

Letting your voice pass through

To make the sweet melody of your laughter!

Written by Aunty Linda!



Oh Eva,

How I retrieve you,

From the deepest depths of my memory,

So distant they seem to be,

Memories so vague but clear,

Your laughter even your sorrow,

I dream to hear,

Just to know I'm close,

Close enough to hug,

Close enough to kiss,

Especially close enough to see you smile.

That smile of yours,

Is more like wall paper,

Blinding me from all that has to be done,

Forever in front of my eyes,

Making me miss you more each and every day.

Your little chubby cheeks,

Your little girly features,

Your girlish nature,

All are your delight.

I love to see you yawn,

It always brings out the sweetness in your face.

The only way to describe you Eva,

Is a pure little angel,

Here to bring happiness and joy to everyone,

Everyone in your presence.

written by aunty linda

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