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Rosslyn and Jackson squaring off... bets are being taken!  Who's gonna win?!
  Dark's stories resideth here.

Fatal Tigers Message Board!

Ok, I lied.  "Tale of Time" is not going to be updated soon enough.  It will eventually be finished, but I can't tell you when that will be.  Same goes to "Dealing With Demons."  On another note, I've set up a message board where we can annoy the heck out of each other.  You may have noticed the link.  It's right there on the top.  Go there.  Be scared.
  • The pic on top was stolen from Gav's site.
  • Here's an intro of the RL person that is Dark12.

  • Dark's Stories

    Dealing and the Tales Series.


    Classwork from the Darkness

    In case any of you wanna take a look-see at stuff I did for class.

    Dark Commentary

    This is a log of past comments posted up there.. in case anyone wants to read them.

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