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Evinar Animal Sanctuary

Welcome to the Evinar Animal Sanctuary. Here you will find many creatures big and small who have made their home here, as well as links to places where you might adopt a similar creature for your own home.

Everyone has a story here, and some of the more talkative creatures might even tell them to you. Be sure to hold you cursor over images just in case a message does pop up.

The Evinar Animal Sanctuary is a place of peace, there will be no violence here. Some creatures may wish to speak to you, other's may not, please respect their wishes and enjoy your stay.
(If any original artists do not feel I have been true to form or dislike the little stories I have given their adoptables, please email me.)

Return to the Evinar Town Hall

PS Billy and Tiddles (below) are always here to greet visitors at the door.

The home for cats.
The home for dogs.
The home for all things mystical.
The home of all other mammals.
The home of the sea creatures.
Fireballs page.
Miscellaneous animals.
Carers of the animals.
People of Magics.
Ferilon Sanctuary.
Anita Blake, Anitaverse Adoptions!
New: Blinkies!

These are totem teddies I've devoted to special people. They each have special totem teddy names. The first is my totem teddy named Snowflake Steadykisses. The second is for my brother, who I'm certain would not be impessed to discover his totem teddies name is Rose Steadykisses. The third is for my cousin Keren, and it is called Marshmallow Featherwings. Lastly, the final one is for Tia who has taught me many things. It is perfectly fitting that her totem teddy is named Elf Tallwings.