My Friends and Family

Click on the thumbnail at left to view the page/websites of a few my friends. .

I have made a few changes again, as people have come and gone since the last time I updated ths page. It's still a very limited page, due to the fact that most of the people I know don't bother to make web pages- shesh ;-) Anyone who actally has any webs sites now has links to them.


Adnan, who I've known since high school.

Perhaps NOT the best pic ever taken of either one of us, but it's the only one I have of him. We both look better in real life ;-) Given that I've known him for over 10 years, one would think I would have more pictures of him.

Amanda , who I've known since the sixth grade.

There are several pictures of Amanda here (none of them were taken by me), Amanda is my closest friend, my confident and the most patient person I know. She asked me to be her maid of honour for her wedding over a year ago- hopefully, we'll get that show on the road soon.

Tricia, another high school friend.

or we at least attended the same high school in Quebec. She and I have become closer in the past few years, in particular after Amanda chose us both to be in her wedding party. She's one cool girly- quite the outdoorsy type with a love for travel and baseball (we need to see more games over the upcoming summer!). and she once went rock-climbing after getting hit by a car. Interesting story, that.


My younger brother. Click on his pic to see why I've always liked the "Calvin and Hobbes" comic strip so much.

Steve's business web site Computer Emporium , which was mainly designed by his friend/business partner Bart Trojanowski

He has run his small business wth Bart for 3 years, while attending university in a computer science/ computer mathmatics program. He's the guy who puts 'em together, and it seems to have both broadened his knowledge of computers beyond his academic program, and greatly impoved the quality and creativity of his swearing tirades.

Cindy and Jeff

I met Cindy a looong time ago through Amanda, but it tuned out she's actually somehow related to me through my father's family- small world. She and Jeff recently eloped (Feb 14, 2000) and she sent me this picture to bestow upon the world via the internet. She also sent a pic of Jeff, but the world will have to wait until I have time to create a page for them to see that.


Dad's Black Belt Test Page

Last November, my Dad got his first degree Black Belt! Not bad for an old guy, as he says ;-).

Susan's Wedding

A few of the photos that my mother took at my cousin Susan's wedding last summer.

Ye Olde Family Photo Page

I created this page some time ago in order to allow other family members to see some of the pictures that my Grandmothers had left to me. I have not added to it since I created it, but may in the future, once I get all of the pictures organized. There are A LOT of them!