The Art of Willowism

Willow was my original fave on BtVS. I used to say it was like you took a three year old's soul and threw it inside a high school junior. She' so innocent and unsure of herself 0:-) She used to say stuff like "wiggin", play around inside computer records and avoid everyone at the school but her best friend Xander "the academically dangerous" Harris. Then Buffy and her stakes showed up to save Earth and steal Xander's heart.

Poor Willow has had a thing for her best friend since they were kids. They used to play Doctor - literally 0:-) Xander would pretend to be sick and she would look up his ailments in the science book and diagnose him. Even when this story came up second season Willow didn't know what he meant when he said they used to play it "wrong" *giggle*

This was the Willow Rosenberg from previous seasons. Small, shy and delicate she seemed to have been sucked into the Slayerettes more out of her good will than from an innate desire to "dust some vamps." This season she is MUCH more outgoing.

Her hair is suddenly shorter and she is a senior. She can walk off campus to get lunch and although she is still paranoid about a lot of things she is no longer dying at every worry. Hanging out with her new boyf Oz seems to be agreeing with her. He's the lead guitarist for Dinghoes Ate My Baby, which has to have some award for "Band Most Likely To Play @ The Bronze."

Actually, the Bronze is where OZ and Willow met. Willow was dressed like a cute old bug eskimo so no one was really paying her any attention. Then Oz saw her from on-stage and fell in love. It was so sweet and beautiful (and it gave Willow a chance to be a groupie). Things were going ok until Willow realized they had never ... you know ... smooched. There was a whole scence where her big dilemma was her lack of smoochies 0:-) That was also the episode when all Buffy viewers found out Oz's secret. Oz is a werewolf. I don't know where the story writers came up with that - but it aired. Oz is a werewolf. *sigh* I'm not saying he's not a CUTE werewolf or anything but I was picturing Willow with more of a ... you know ... human guy. Well, according to the episode Oz is a werewolf because his cousin Jordy bit him - it also said he couldn't control it and he would have to be kept locked or tied up for the full moon's phase every month. Then Oz fell off the show for a couple of episodes...but he's back this season 0:-)

I think Oz and Willow are the cutest couple of BtVS! Not only do they both test well 0:-) they're the EXACT SAME HEIGHT! They look so cute walking down the hall and stuff! Its pretty general knowledge among us BtVS'ers that Willow and Oz played a pre-pubescent couple in "My Step-Mother's An Alien" but I found a picture of them looking gangly and akward to post for you! *lol* Oz looks a lot like his old self but Willow! *lol* The pics they hoped you'd never find...

She is still Research Girl and can be found in the library helping Giles with on-line research all the time. Like she said once, she is probably the only girl in school with the coroner's office in her list of "favorites" 0:-) Last summer she played a Slayer (instead of a slayerette) and tried to stake vamps while uttering such witty lines as "Come and get it Big Boy!" This is a big change from the orginal Wil who used to run and hide while Buffy staked.

Willow and Buffy are still best friends which is really great 0:-) The two met on Buffy's first day at Sunnydale when Buffy felt sorry for the poor girl after Cordelia picked on her and she ran away. Through all this time Willow has been a great support for Buffy with everything from Angel/Angellus to Scott to school and the Impotent Troll Otherwise Known as Principal Snyder 0:-) She cast the spell which uninvited Angellus from Buffy's house and also the one which restored his soul. Well maybe she didn't really cast it but instead hosted the spirit which cast it - but still it was cool.

Did you see the totally wicked way that Willow's eyes popped out during the channelling? Its was absolutely psychotic!!! Willow is probably the only person ever that could be cute and possessed at the same time. I was worried when she passed out the first time (getting hit by a bookcase will do that to you) but was pleased to see she was just weakened.

The most touching part of the Becomings (Willow-Wise) was the way she called out for Oz as soon as she woke up and just after Xander told her sleeping body that he loved her. Oz kissed her gently and reassured her that everything would be all right 0:-)

BTW - where were Willow's parents during that eppie? I mean Xander had to track them down in another state to even tell them that their only daughter was in a coma. If they had really cared they would have shown up within a few hours - not after the show ended. Could it be that she does not have parents? Could Willow not be human but sent like that ugly Whistler guy to even up the score between good and evil? I mean how many regular humans could survive a slayer best friend, a werewolf boyf and teaching a bunch of high school kids? Its just not possible!!! *lol*

BTW - I am the keeper of this line:
"I like you. You're nice and you're funny and you don't smoke. Yeah, okay werewolf but that's not all the time. I mean, three days out of the month, I'm not much fun to be around either.

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