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I cannot even describe to you how sick and tired I am of getting e-mail's from all these naive 14 year old girls who worship Courtney Love and it is just sad to see so many people giving into the whole media scheme. I hate the media. I hate rock stardom. It's sick and demented. I know exactly why Kurt cobain killed himself. he realised how superficial it all was, he realised he was being worshipped by stupid kids for no good reason and he hated living that kind of false lifestyle so he put a bullet through his head. I would have done the same thing. but so many people are too greedy, like Courtney Love and as soon as someone waves dollar signs in front of them they become a different person. it's fucked up. but that's how the world is. what really gets me now a days is all the radio station bands like blink 182 and all that shit being labelled as PUNK! my god, i get so sad to see the word punk being used to describe stuff like that, stuff with no substance, no message, nothing. and all these kids taking on the "punk" image when they have no clue what punk really means and really stands for. back in the 70's it was a life style than something fucked up happened and it became a type of music. but at least at that point it was for underground music or revolutionary music. You know, punks don't sell out. punks don't sell their music to major record companies. They just don't because they don't give a fuck about money. I'm talking about bands like NOFX and bikini kill. both those bands never signed to a major label cuz they weren't stupid and they weren't greedy and they had great music careers because their music was GOOD! unlike radio station bands. those bands have to sign on to major labels cuz their music wouldn't sell without record labels shoving it down our throats through media campaigns and ads. ever notice how many celebrity skin ads you saw when it came out? it's cuz these bands SUCK! Hole included. Well, sorry to keep going on, but in my head I know that hole is a crappy band, but in my heart I will always love the majority of the music they have made. Just because it did have meaning for me five years ago and I don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't discovered that band. Hole inspired me to play guitar, to write my own music, to just scream along with Pretty on the Inside whenever i was feeling frustrated and angry at the world and Hole was like therapy to me five years ago and i really needed that therapy five years ago. so that is why I have this webpage here still and that is why i refuse to take it down even though I don't update it anymore. cuz I think for a few girls out there, if they discover the OLD music of hole maybe it can provide them with the same kind of therapy. I'm sure some of you out there understand. thanks for reading this and thanks for coming to my page.


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