Metal rod sculptures
I took 1/4" cold rolled steel and heat bent it [in one piece] in a spontaneous lingering moment of 1985. Then I welded it onto a torch cut, piece of 1/4" plate steel. I ground and then painted it with primer and laquer paint. I left it ready for as much more paint as you feel you should put on it in any colour.

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the hunters, metal rod sculpture the hunters, metal rod sculpture

The Hunters

approximate size is 18"x27"x9"
The colour is not manditory and can change with taste. I chose the colour of my 61 Ford.
[or was it the 81]

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<<--- Dancer 3 --- Bouquet --->>

Dancer 3 is 1/4" steel rod
Boquet is telephone wire

Dancer 6 is another 1/4" steel rod piece
appx. 10"x15"x20"

Lawn art with metal rods done in Guelph in the early 80's

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