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Energy Work

Energy Work

What is energy? Energy is all around us. It is what keeps us alive. It is how we come to know things, to become aware of ourselves and how we sense our environment and those in it. It is out inuition, our gut feeling, our feelings and senses. We can feel it, sense it, see it, know it, live it. So where does this energy come from exactly? The Universe, the Sun, other stars, ourselves. We each contain with inside ourselves a world of possibilities, of lives, of creations. Our bodies contain over 7 billion living cells. Each of these cells gives off an electro-magentic field. And any given cell communicates with up to 10,000 other cells. So think about it, that is a lot of energy talking right in our own bodies! This energy swirls around inside of us in what is called chakras and springs out forth around us in what is called an aura. These parts of our energy system will be explained later on this page. But this energy that is within us, and around us, it keeps us alive, and it gives us the ability to innately heal ourselves, and to even heal other people. Through positive thoughts, affirmations, intent... who we are, what we are, affects other people. Walk into a room glowing with a smile and see how you affect others. Give someone an unexpected hug and see how they feel. These are just examples of our energy in motion through intent. This energy is a living force that has consciousness which allows us to see things, know things... It gives rise to psychic abilities, to healing abilities; it's the underlying principal with your intuition, your gut feeling or reaction. How you know that person is a good person, or to stay away from a certain area, or how you know who is calling before you answer the phone, or that the car in front of you is going to be involved in an accident before it happens. Or, a mother's knowledge of what her children are up too, and if they are safe or not. These are all examples of us tapping in and using the energy that is around us. This energy has many names, call is energy, life force, prana, chi, qi. And it can also be felt and seen. Read on and you'll learn how you can tap into it yourself and feel the energy within you and around you!

What is energy work? (Healing)

Who are healers?

What different kinds of energy work are there? (Modalities)

What is the energy system?

What are the different parts to the energy system?

How can 'I' feel energy?

Where do I go now?

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