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Definitions: New Age, Alterative Healing, Holistic Health
Psychic Abilities

* Astral body
The invisible subtle form or shadow that acts as a bridge between the material world and our reality and the world of spirit and Reality. While the body is awake, your astral body is superimposed onto your physical body (vessel), but at night while you are asleep, your astral body loosens and separates away from your physical body.
* Astral travel
Astral travel is most commonly experienced while you are asleep, and you may or may not remember it upon waking. During astral travel, your astral body separates from your physical body and you are able to travel throughout the world in what may seem like a higher dimension or frequency. You will be able to travel to far distant locations with only a thought, and images that enter your mind may materialize right infront of you. It is also common to sense others who are either astral traveling, have passed over, spirit guides and masters, or even meet them.
* Bilocation
Being able to be in one location, but send part of your spirit to another location (person is usually unconscious or in a trance/meditative state)
* Channeler
The ability to receive information from another life form/energy.
* Clairaudience
The ability to "hear" life forms, ascended masters, entities, etc.
* Clairsentience
The ability to tune into other people's physical and emotional status.
* Clairvoyance
The ability to "see" pictures, auras, life forms, images, etc.
* Empathy
The ability to feel another person's emotional state and even experience their pain within you (on an emotional, mental, and even physical level); you are able to "read" into another person to "feel" their current state.
* ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)
Beyond the physiological (5) senses of taste, touch, smell, see, and hear. Extra Sensory Perception, or your "sixth sense" can be any number of psychic abilities, such as clairaudient or remote viewing.
* Healer
The ability to channel healing energy to another person.
* Intuition
Your "sixth sense", a knowing or feeling that you get that seems to come from nowhere but is accurate for reading and understanding other people and events, past, present, or future, that may not be infront of you at the time.
* OBE (Out-of-Body Experience)
An OBE is when your spirit leaves your body while you are sleeping and travels. OBE's are usually unconscious occurrences, though people can learn to initiate an OBE when or as they are falling asleep. If you are aware or remember an OBE, it will happen as if you are floating above your body a few inches as you begin to separate, then either your spirit will raise closer to the ceiling, or you'll be able to guide yourself to stand up and look down at your sleeping, physical body. You'll notice that there is a cord connected from your physical body laying in bed at the neck, to the neck of your spirit body, this is your energy cord which connects the two bodies at the Energy Exchange Channel on the back of the neck - which keeps your spirit connected to your body while you sleep; don't break the cord! During OBE you could sense or even meet those who have passed on, other spirits, guides, masters, or astral bodies. You will be able to journey out into the world by floating out your room. Explore around and have fun, but remember to come back - all you have to do is think that you want back into your body. At this point, it'll feel like you're jolted back, almost snapped like you fell backwards into bed. You may or may not consciously remember your OBE once you wake. You may also catch a reflection of yourself, this may not be your current physical characteristic body, but more, your self-image of who you want to, or once did, look like. Its unclear if other "awake" human beings will be able to see your projection. Animals will be able to sense you. Their frequency is higher than humans.
* Poltergeist
A poltergeist, or "noisy spirit", is a spirit that likes to have fun and cause mischief. This spirit will be moving objects around the room, breaking things, playing music in another room, maybe even appearing to be seen; it wants to be noticed. A poltergeist has also been shown to be the unconscious energy of a person within the house or facility. A young child with extreme emotional problems, for example, could project energy of a disruptive spirit in the house, the child being unaware of this, the energy should dissipate when the problem is addressed and resolved.
* Precognition (or Presentiment)
The ability to "know" things before they happen, or to predict what is about to happen. Also known as a premonition, your intuition and psychic are giving you hints to the engagement or outcome of a situation or interaction with another person; this may be a gut feeling, tingling of energy that causes an emotional response, or an insight such as a flash of the future.
* Premonition
A prediction of the future of an event or interaction with one or more persons; a future, psychic reading.
* Psychokinesis (PK)
Focused mental energy that directly affected material objectives such as the ability to increase the flame of a candle, have a coin land heads up on a toss, edge a pool ball into a pocket, bend a spoon with your mind, or even move inanimate objectives with your mind.
* Psychometry
The ability to hold or touch an item and get a psychic reading off of it, such as who it belongs to, information about the owner, where the object is from or where it has been, and other "readings" pertaining to the object and current/past owners.
* Scrying
The use of a shiny and reflective object, such as a crystal ball, water, ink, marbles, gems, or polished metal, that a seer uses to gaze into to see into the future.
* Remote viewing
The ability to remotely see another location beyond your current, physical location, and to describe the environment of that location. An example would be for one to be sitting at home in Maryland and "see" part of Canada and be able to describe the weather, the environment, buildings and structures, even the frequency of the energy in the area.
* Telekinesis
Basically, the same thing as Psychokinesis (PK energy), the ability to move an object with your mind.
* Telepathy
The ability to be able to communicate with others non-verbally (on a mental level).
* Teleportation
Physically going from one location to another.

Energy Modalities

* Lightworker
A Being that transcends Love and Light to others, brings peace and balance and allows one to find their own healing light.
Energy System

* Karma
Karma is basically your fate as translated from the energy you have acquired through past and current life times as the sum of who you are (character) directed by your self-will. Simply, every thought, word, or action that you have is alive and once sent out, affects the Universe and everyone in it, and then comes back to you at fold, this is known as karma. It can be positive or negative energy. The karma then makes up the energy that is with you and your interaction with the Universe. You're karma can be changed at any moment simply by your thoughts, words, and actions. You can also help to clear negative karma through energy work, yoga, breathing, and other alterative therapies.

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