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Reiki (ray-kee) is a form of energy healing, also known as the "laying-on of hands", it is an instinctive part of who we are. Think about it, every time you get a scrap or cut, you put your hand over it or rub the area with your fingers. This is a natural response to pain and an attempt to make it feel better. Reiki is possibly as ancient as we are on this planet. It is the ability to channel Universal energy through us to help in healing others through the laying-on of hands.

So what does that mean, exactly? Well, imagine that everything in existence is made up of energy, weather you believe in this subtle force or not is up to you, but the underlying fact, and ingredient, in the composition of us, and everything else, is energy. It makes up the atoms that create the Earth, houses, pens, fruit, animals, and us. Now, this energy can be felt, sensed, seen, and even utilized. It is Universal. Once someone is attuned to Reiki (through a Reiki attunement from a Master Reiki) then we are able to channel Universal energy through us and send it to others!

It's called the laying-on of hands because usually when giving Reiki, the practitioner does it through their hands, or palm chakras, and either places their hands on the person in certain positions, or around the person at their energy field. Reiki can also be sent distance (across different states and countries), and Reiki can literally be felt, received, and sent through every pore in your body. Reiki is mostly channeled and sent through the practitioners' hands, but also through their main chakras, and even their legs, arms, and other parts of the body.

As an energy work, one most abide by strict codes of conduct, ethics, morals, and Universal Laws. One of which is that energy cannot be sent to someone without their permission. Permission can be gained from their Over Soul/ Higher Self if the person is unconscious due to an accident or in an emergency situation.

Reiki practitioners have been allowed into Hospitals, Operating Rooms, Women Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, and you will find that people in the Massage, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, nurses, and other allied health workers are also Reiki.

Shawn is Reiki, level II, and able to send Reiki in person either hands-on or hands-off, at a distance, also through his chakras and other parts of his body. For more information on Reiki, please visit my Reiki Master-Teacher's website at or email Shawn !

Please also check out another energetic modality that Shawn practices called Frequency Balancing !

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