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Full Body Implant Removal
Full Body Implant Removal
Frequency Balancing

Q. & A.
What are Implants?
Implants are etheric devices that carry programs and are within our electro-magnetic (aura) fields for a purpose. They become deactivated after their purpose has been fulfilled for the Highest Good and Greatest Expansion of the Soul; at that time, they may be safely and easily removed.

How can one receive an Implant?
Implants can be received in different ways, placed in different location in one's energy system (including your chakras), during different life times, for different reasons. Some implants may be Karmic related, where the negative energy holds the implant in position and cannot be removed until the Karma is. Adversity, an implant may relate to Karma in the energy system, which is released when the implant is removed.

Take me a little deeper...
An Implant is a capsule that is programmed and placed in one's energy field for a reason. They are pre-arranged instructions; vows, contracts, and agreements that are made on a Soul level before your incarnation. They may bring lessons that need to be learned through relationship hardship or serious illness or disease. They can also be Karma repayments from previous lives.

Why is Implant Removal such SACRED WORK?
Implants can be found in various levels of one's energy system, in their auric field and chakras. The aura surrounds the body and is created from the emanation of the chakras, which represent one's emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical self. So removing an Implant is SACRED WORK and serious since it deals with working on a sensitive and tender part of your entire Being: your chakras. The Implant and removal process can affect the flow of energy in the area of the Implant, and can even allow for one's DNA to change.

How can an Implant Removal Session help me?
Imagine that you had a metallic object inserted into your skin, it is a foreign object that is changing your entire well-being. Your blood and energy has to flow around it, you have an opening in your skin, infection and disease can set in, bleeding occurs, and you feel pain and discomfort. Now, removing this object that is not for your Highest Good and Greatest Expansion would be a good idea after you've learned your lesson, correct? Fresh energy can flow into the hole where the metal was, your wound can heal, blood and energy can flow stronger now, and you feel better overall. :-)

An Implant can block out various parts of your life on an energetic level and limit your psychic abilities (clairvoyance, telepathy, etc.). After a Removal, you may sense a feeling of being "free" or "clear", experience more energy running through your body, have an uplifting feeling, become more confident in yourself, become more aware, emotional concerns may get better, a change in behavior for the better may occur, your healing abilities may increase, or physical aliments may lesson or clear up altogether. Each person is different and unique and will experience what is right for them at their given time.

What are different types of Implants?
You can have an implant, imprint, or program which is an etheric device that can be crystalline, electrical, or physical in nature and can be found in various parts of your energy and aura. In this form, they set one up to be on a different track, act as a guide or post in one's journey, pay back of Karma, etc.

Cords are etheric ropes that connect you to someone in a past life. They are strong connections on a soul level between two entities that have had interaction on different dimensions. They can be either positive or negative.

Tendrils or tentacles are similar to cords, but thinner, and are received from major illnesses and traumatic experiences in one's life which enter the body and spread like roots in one's energy system, causing major disturbances in one's life.

Plugs are a form of energy blockage.

Strings can be formed to a person, place, event, or trauma. Examples are while walking through a hospital, nursing home or cemetery and "wishing that you could help".

Karmic controls are various ways to repay Karma from previous lives.

Vortexes are swirling energy patterns in one's energy field; like an opening or hole in your aura.

Energy drainers are anything negative that takes or drains your energy from you.

Tags are placed on your energy system when you are "traveling", such as Remote Viewing, Astral Travel, or passing through other dimensions, time frames, locations, life times, etc.

For further information, visit Judy DiCanio' s website ( ) or contact Shawn. A session may be scheduled if your energy system is able to handle the amount of energy of a Full Body Implant Removal Session. A Frequency Balancing Session may be needed first to clear and balance your energy system to allow an Implant Removal Session to run more smoothly. The transmutation of Karma and Karma clearing is recommended first.