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Frequency Balancing
Frequency Balancing

Frequency Balancing is an energy healing modality that is complementary to Reiki, Zero Balancing, Chi, Therapeutic Touch, and others, and uses Universal Energy instead of the healers own energy.

During a Frequency Balancing Session, Shawn will perform a Full Body Scan of one's energy system. (All of the energy techniques are preformed "hands-off" the client's body). Shawn will scan the client's energy field using one or more various scanning techniques, either with the client in-person, from across a room, or from great distance (different states/countries).

During the energy scan, Shawn will pick out the three (3) most noticeable energy imbalances and work on those using various techniques to send energy and strength the energy, if needed.

After the major imbalances have been worked on, Shawn will then give a Full Body Energy Balancing for overall balance.

The client can then receive a Full Body Chakra Balancing*; which will balance one's seven (7) Major Chakras with one another, clear and seal them.

At the end, Shawn will clear the aura and answer any questions and accept feedback from the client.

A session will last approximately one (1) hour (45 - 75 minutes), and cost $40.00 at the completion of the session.

To schedule a Frequency Balancing Session, or for further information about Frequency Balancing, click here!

* The Full Body Chakra Balancing can only be done in-person. Any sessions that are held over distance does not include the Full Body Chakra Balancing.

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