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Axiatonal Alignment Axiatonal Alignment

Everyone has an energy system, if you believe it or not. These energy systems are not only multi-layered, but also multi-dimensional and each individual's field resonates on their own frequency. Our energy field is made up of hundreds, even thousands of layers, which include the aura as well as axiatonal lines. These axiatonal lines run vertical, horizontal, and even parallel, matching the acupuncture meridian lines, but in our energy system and not on or in our bodies as the meridians do. There are 12 "strands" in our axial system that is not only on the front of our body, but also on our back.

So, what is an axiatonal alignment exactly? Well, our axiatonal lines, just like our meridians, chakras, and other parts of our energy system, can have blockages, be broken or weak. One part of the (axiatonal) alignment is to re-connect our lines so they are restructured and are full, smooth, and whole, and clear out any blockages which will allow them to flow and become stronger energy lines. Note that not all of the lines can be connected during one alignment, therefore a re-alignment is suggested for even greater strength. Another part of the alignment is to connect our personal axiatonal lines to the Universe Grid, or Cosmic Lattice. Our meridians lines are also cleared, chakras balanced, and aura sealed.

If our meridian lines connect to our physical organs and can be accessed through our physical body, then imagine the axiatonal lines as superimposed meridians lines, but in our energy system. Instead of connecting to our physical organs, they connect to the Universal Mind.

An Axiatonal Alignment means different things for each individual person. It can allow one to become more open and aware, allow access to psychic abilities, help them in remembering who they are, feel better physically and mentally, or just leaves the person with a better feeling of themselves and being more open and intune with the world.

The axial lines are part of our 5th dimension Self and helps to connect our self to our (Over) Self.

We are all students of our own life that we give meaning too. Frequency Balancing is one energy modality that Shawn practices, along with Reiki, meditations, yoga exercises, and Harmonious Living techniques. Judy DiCanio, Frequency Balancing Master, performed Shawn's Axiatonal Alignment that left him with a more whole feeling overall, increased awareness, and opened him up more to his psychic potential. We are all made the same, flow with the same energy, hold the same potential as anyone else - one just has to be open to it, and themselves.

The Truth is thyself.
Love and Light,

To learn more about a Full Body Axiatonal Alignment, visit Judy's website here or contact her at to set up an appointment for Frequency Balancing, Axiatonal Alignment, or a number of other energy techniques.

Alex Grey's picture "Theologue" of him meditating with the Universal Energy Grid.

To feel energy:
In a room temperature climate, clear of negative interactions, and with room temp. hands, place your hands together, similar to a prayer like position. Hold your hands together for a moment. Then slowly move them away about 6" - 12" inches from each other. Now, slowly move them in together. What do you feel? Heat? Vibrations? Tingling? Cold? Pressure? Maybe a force...Energy?... ;-)

Take Care!