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Hello to all curious one..
This is a page specially designed for those non japanese and wishes to learn how to communicate with the me..!! hehe

Well i'm teaching you the first few..greetings which are essential to our daily life..

Good morning > > Ohayo Gozaimasu.
Good afternoon > > Konnichi wa.
Good evening > > Komban wa.
Good Night > > Oyasuminasai.

Manners and politness..

Sumimasen > >Pardon me.excuse me.
Dozo > > Please.
Kudasai > > please *but note that you don't used it as a single was used to form a sentence..
Minasan ikaga desu ka > > How is everyone..??
O genki Desu ka > > how are you.
Genki desu. > >i'm fine
Anata wa Genki desu ka > > How about you..??
O tenki wa ii desu ne > > The weather is fine .isn't it.??
Chotto o machi kudasai > > Just a moment please.
Chotto matte > > Just a second..Hang on..*Informal situation*
Doitashimashite > > Don't mention it.You are welcome..
Hajimemashite > > Pleased to meet you.

Friends talk..

All right..!! > > Kekko desu.
It doesn't matter > > Kaimaimasen.
Please do not bother > > Kaimawanai de kudasai.
Not Yet > > mada
Listen > > Anone..!!
Look Out..!! > > Abunai..!!
Prehaps..!! > > Tabun.


My name is Nika Kuramoto.. > > watashi no namae wa Nika Kuramoto desu..
I am 18 years old.. > > watakushi wa Ju hachi issai desu.
Do you speak Japanese.. > > Nihongo ga dekimasu ka..??
I'll see you later > > Dewa nochi hodo..!!

To continue with the last update..!!

May i intorduce {Mr George}.. > > {George san} o goshokai shimasu.
This is my friend.. > > Kore wa watakushi no yujin desu.
This is my father.. > > Kore wa watakushi no chichi desu.
This is my sister.. > > Kore wa watakushi no ane desu.
It was very nice of you.. > > Taihen Kekko deshita.
Do you speak English..?.. > >{Eigo} ga dekimasu ka..??
I speak a little of English.. > > {Eigo} wa sukoshi dekimasu.
I'm looking for my friends.. > > Tomodachi o sagashite iru no desu ga.
What is the matter..??.. > > Do shimashita ka.?

What do you mean..?? > > Sore wa dooyuu imi desuka..??
How about you..? > > Anata wa doo desu ka..??
The weather is very hot.. > > Taihen ni atsui tenki desu..
It is very cold today.. > > Kyou wa taihenni samui desu.
It rained yesterday.. > > Kinou wa ame ga futta.

This lesson was last updated in 13th June 1997.

Thats all for today..gotta go see you all seitos...sayonara.

This page will not be updated till the month of August 15th 1997 thank you..!!

Sorry for the inconvience.....**smile**


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