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Daniel's Homepage

Everyone brings joy to this page, some when they come and some when they leave

Hello world. My name is Daniel(ICQ 616405), you may know me as Wraith if you are an IRC person:) I hang out on carnet & dalnet servers and would like to say hi to all of my IRC friends. Keep typing and don't believe what others say: IRC is not an addiction:) My main interests would have to be sports(gotta keep fit), music(bit of everything), travelling(around the world), motorbikes and The Simpsons. My favourite character is, ofcourse, Homer. The guy is a living legend. I also like computer games. My favourite is The beast within. If you're stuck contact me cause I can help you since I had finished it. I would also like to say hi to my best friend Zack(are you gonna get that bike or what?). He is a computer salesman If you need anything (hardware wise) just let me know. He'll make you a deal. Special thanks to my brother Goran (Munja) who helped make this page possible (mine is better than yours bro:)) And finally (i always keep the best for last) I'd like to say hi to my lovely girlfriend Ozana. So people if you have any comments or suggestions please contact me. I will reply.

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