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Gavin's Unofficial VF1000R home page

Straight into some pic's... Here's the bike that started me thinking about this page...

This photo was taken 1 week after I finished restoring it. It was a real mess before I started, thanks to it getting bored and spitting me off on several occasions.
Here's some more pics (warning - some are quite large but try them :)

The 'CAM GEAR DRIVE' writing on the left had side cover.
Detail of the left side. Clocks/honda logo on tank and bit of motor.
Better quality file of the above picture
Left hand side from the back
Some of these pictures where taken in the 'Film Facilities Ltd' studio in Wellington. All of them are taken with a MAMIA (sp?) proffesional large format camera (Thanks Film Facilities - I used to work there as a camera technician). The 'Left hand side from the back' one was taken on top of Mt Victoria in Wellington.
Many thanks to Mike who provided all the arty knowledge when it came to taking the pics - well ok he took them himself :) I just helped.

General stuff


Check out the power curve of the old girl

Other stuff

General Blurb

I've owned this bike since December 1995 (with approx. 67,000k/ms on the clock). Since then it has been around the North and South Islands of New Zealand and much travelling on the North Island since then. I find it great for long trips but the seat could probably be a lot better.
The bike has run faultlessly for this period (apart with a small problem with the cooling system)
During the time I've owned it, the only servicing required has been adjusting the valve clearances, oil/filter changes every 5000k/ms, carb balancing, spark plug replacement along with the usual oiling/tuning type servicing.

Some links

Here is a scanned version of the owners and workshop manual here. open page 1.jpg and page 2.jpg for the index then go to the pages you want. Enjoy. Please let me know if you use this manual - i'd love to know if it's of use to anyone. If some of the scan's are no good and you cannot read them - please email me with the page no so i can scan it again for you.
Check out these guys - a must look. great web page at VF1000.COM
I also own a VFR400 for my daily travelling around. here's a page for it (under construction)
My account of the 1986 Rusty Nuts M/C club's Grand Challenge.

Hope these people don't mind me linking to them...

nzbikers. all about M/C in New Zealand and the people that have done/do it.
Here's Tero's account of New Zealand on a motor cycle with some help from some NZBikers members in 1996, and in 1997.
This guy has some great V4 cam info and more.
The New Zealand motor cycle. The Britten. It should be compulsory to support these guys!


Here's my service record for the bike since I've owned it up until today (8th April 1998). Also here are some of the new parts and prices I bought while restoring her (all $ are NZ).

Some stuff about me.

I'm a 32 year old living in New Zealand and very keen on Motorcycles Me and the VF at Andrews. I also dabble in computers and generaly all stuff mechanical/electromechanical/electronic etc. I work for myself at Invincible Technologies Limited Wellington.

Some of my friends links.

Mark Bodell Link to Mark Bodell's new home page (Ducati, cars, music)
Andrew Broome is into bikes, bands, CP's and fish.

Gavin Legge (New Zealand)

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