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Prayer need not be just standing in front of the faucet, pleading for water. Realizing that you are standing in the middle of a lake or an ocean of water might be more effective

The concept of prayer has been influenced in interesting ways by developments in the past few decades of our understanding of the mind and how it works (neuroscience). The idea of the conscious and subconscious has made a difference in the way we perceive and identify who we are. For example, most people don’t consider affirmations or creative visualization to be prayer, but there are some similarities, and even some overlapping.

Also in recent decades, Westerners have begun to be more interested in Eastern spiritual values. To oversimplify, Western spiritual values are centered on atonement, while Eastern spiritual values are centered on unitive consciousness. There is an intrinsic or organic reason for this.

Western civilization grew up in a geographically harsh environment, compared to relatively less arid conditions in the Far East. Food was scarcer in the arid West, and there was more conflict over the control of it, especially during times of drought. Essentially Western spiritual values derived from a society organized around a conqueror, God King or Pharaoh who imposed a stern set of laws. Joseph Campbell spoke of the Old Testament as having “lots of rules, but little forgiveness.” Prayers were commonly supplications for mercy to a white haired man on a throne. The emphasis here is left-brained quantification and polarity.

The Far East was not subjected to such frequent conquest, drought or instability. The central idea here is more about the right-brained quality of everything being inter-related and more continuous. Hinduism is very ancient, animistic and anthropomorphic and eventually prescribed every aspect of everyday life, down to minute details and yielded a cruel and inflexible caste system. There were so many deities that one might be pleased by the same actions that offended another.

 Buddhism, which grew out of Hindu beliefs, simplified all this, and is said to be a philosophy rather than a religion, as it is not so much about deities, but reincarnation has deeply spiritual implications. Buddhism holds that what we perceive as our “self” is not our true self, but is actually just our ego manifest with thoughts and emotions and conditioned responses.

An egoless condition is the basis of unitive or transcendental consciousness. “While this egoless or unitive condition is the mature condition of man in this world, it is not his final condition or destiny. The purpose of the egoless state is to get us to yet a further goal or end, which is no-self or no-union. Thus the egoless unitive condition is not the end of the journey; instead, it is the vehicle or condition for getting us there.”

All is One. I AM the divine.

Prayer is talking, while meditation is listening. Or put another way.... prayer is the projective while meditation is the receptive aspect of communication. Some would say that prayer is talking to God, and meditation is listening to God. But this is not the Old Testament God.

 Some people shy away from prayer because they feel resentful about an authority figure that can seem to be holding out on them. There is a difference between intellectually understanding something and experiencing it in the subconscious mind and the seven chakras in our bodies' energy centers.

Michael Bernard Beckwith suggests this affirmation at the start of your meditation:

"Today, as I enter meditation practice, I am open and receptive to my inner spirit revealing to me the personal laws of life by which I live. I courageously look at myself in all honesty and with full confidence in my ability to co-create with the Spirit, the life I am here to live."

He writes that silence will lead you to profound stillness, And it is stillness that attunes you to the still, small voice of intuitive guidance.”  

According to Bruce Lipton, the subconscious mind has a million times the data processing power of the conscious mind and the subconscious is almost always in charge. It is apparent then that integrating the subconscious in the spiritual life is more than a good idea, it is essential.

"One of the best kept secrets in medical science is the extensive experimental evidence for the beneficial effects of prayer."                - Healing Words, Larry Dossey, M.D.


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