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Poetry and Prose
Links - literature - music

Poetry Links Library
An extensive library of excellent links, clearly arranged in categories. Easy to read and use. Publications, references, poets, Japanese forms. Updated frequently.
see related: Arts_and_Entertainment/Literature/Poetry/Contemporary/General_Reference_and_Resources

Electronic Poetry Center - Links Page
The home page of the Electronic Poetry Center, an edited site devoted to the presentation of full-text resources for innovative writing.

Representative Poetry Online- indexes of ...
poets, alphabetically by last name; their poems, by title; their poems, by first line; a timeline, of poets, poems, and events a calendar, the year's days; a keyword search of words in the poems; a glossary, of poetic terms and forms; writings on poetry, by great poets and readers, or; UTEL, the outermost English library.

Glossary of Poetic Terms - includes phonetic pronunciations where necessary and many links to examples.

Poetry Daily, a new poem every day.
Poetry Daily, the online web anthology and bookstore. A new poem every day, along with poetry news, archives, and more.

The Poetry Archives
Home About Poet List Shopping FAQ Interested in advertising on The Poetry Archives? Click here! Navigation Home About What's New Poet List Random Poem Forum Books FAQ Search [ Search Tips ] Poem of the Week [ More Information ] Survey Help us ser

Poetry Society -Links Page
timely links to organisations hiring poets ("Poetry Work"), and provide a 'satellite dish' directing visitors to new (or featured) websites of note in the poetry world.

Academy of American Poets - supporting American poets at all stages of their careers and fostering the appreciation of contemporary poetry. Site features exhibits, National Poetry Month, and a listening booth of poems.

Poetry of William Shakespeare - includes Venus and Adonis, A Lover's Complaint, his sonnets, and other works.

Poetry Links
Comprehensive directory of literary publications, from small presses up to the most famous with an emphasis on poetry links. Contains links to search engines, shopping searches, job searches, and many miscellaneous -
From Dogpile Category Biz Publishing Literary_Small_Press Poetry - New & Noteworthy Links
A revolving collection of the newest & most notable links added to the Poetry libraries.

Great writers and Poets - links

Poetry Links - Publishing
Places for Poets -Using the Web to find a publisher. Poetry publishing scams, and how to avoid them

Additional Poetry Links
- a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions at Electronic Text Center Alderman Library University of Virginia Classic Texts - Richard Bear - several texts from 16th, 17th, and 18th

Heather - Poetry, Links
Poems by Giles Osborne. A dedication to the late Heather Osborne. Poetry, writing and photographs. -
From Dogpile Category Arts Humanities Literature Magazines - your source for links to online poetry contests.
Click here to learn about the best online poetry contests for poets of all ages and talents. -
From Dogpile Category Arts Humanities Literature Magazines

- personal Favorite Poetry and Poets  with links - ParlezVous - La Jolla CA
From Dogpile Category Biz Internet_Services

20th Century Poets - Poetry Net Links
An alphabetical catalog of links to poets of the just-past century, indexed by name. . . Eliot, Bukowski, Ginsberg, Micheline, Paz, Plath, Pound, Roethke, Thomas, Williams. . . where to find poets, their work, tributes, biographies & commentary online.

Passions in Poetry - Links Send some poems to a friend - truly the love thought that counts!   Poetry Links Poetry and the Internet have a great deal in common - both are largely based upon the desire to share. It's hardly ...

Poetry Links - from Places for Publishers Links to poetry organizations, tools and contests for poets and poetry publishers, in celebration of National Poetry Month (April 1998), from Places for Publishers International Library of Poetry contest, information on getting published, news, chat, and links.

Magnetic Poetry  Click on this Internet Keyword to go directly to the site at

Poetry Magazine
founded in 1912 -

Erin Marie's Poetry Palace!
Poetry Palace full of poetry pages--Anonymous Poetry, Children's Poetry, Classical Poetry, Favorite Poetry, and Young American Poets plus much more including an all new Favorite

A Poetry-Lover's Guide To the World-Wide Web
90 great poems expressing love, tenderness, despair, wistfulness, rage; 65 links to other Web poetry collections and guides.

Links -Sponsored by ArtPage Images Poetry Archive/ Home/ Poetry Links This page will be dedicated to finding good poetry links. I will continue to roam the net looking for inspiration. When I find sites I ...

Kids Silly Poetry & Riddles  Home page of Poetry & Riddles

Victorian Poetry  Click on this Internet Keyword to go directly to the site at

Articulata - Links - Interactive Poetry  Home page of Articulata -- Interactive Poetry - for poets, poetry lovers, would-be poets - classic world poetry - poetry links - poetry discussion forums for critique - haiku generator poems, bad poems, best poems, worst poems, love poems, love poetry, hate poems, holiday poems, and more poems

The Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Pages
Atlantic Unbound's Poetry Pages - Atlantic Monthly poetry, An Audible Anthology, and articles on poets and poetry -- past and present

Poetry -- Poetry Literature Resources and Resources for Poets -- Writers
Poetry -- Writers Write(R)

PoetryNet - links

Friendship and Love Poetry Forum @
A place for individuals to post their poetry.

Links to epic poetry, criticism, resources
see related: Arts_and_Entertainment/Literature/Poetry/Poetic_Forms/Epic_and_Narrative_Poetry

Haiku Poetry: Links, References and Resources
One of the most comprehensive collections of links to haiku resources on the Internet, assembled by Michael P. Garofalo. He is also a gardener, and his site, while very thorough on haiku, can take you to other corners as well.
see related: Arts_and_Entertainment/Literature/Poetry/Poetic_Forms/Haiku_and_Related_Forms

Hometown AOL - poetry - Looking to chat? 1000's of links to poetry

Writers Resources - Links, your one stop source for everything you want to know - Poems

Poetry for Kids - Links
Links New Links Published Children's Poets on the Web Kristine O'Connell George Charles Ghigna (aka "Father Goose") Steven Herrick Karla Kuskin Jack Prelutsky Shel Silverstein Dr. Seuss Janet S. Wong

Poetry Archive -Links
Home QUOTATIONS Friendship Humorous Inspirational Miscellaneous Motivational Sports/Success Submit a Quote POETRY ARCHIVE By Author A-L By Author M-Z By Subject Submit a Poem QUOTATION BOOKSTORES

There have been visitors to this page since 29/11/95. From now on, comments and requests may be directly posted to the TIPP Guestbook . Anyone interested in reading the already existing guestbook entries should click here . I cannot answer all quest

Twentieth-century Poetry in English
This is a metapage comprising Internet resources on the twentieth-century poetry in English, which may contain glimpses of truth in whatever form. In some cases I offer my materials (marked with *). Please note that this page, with accented charact

The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church
The home page for the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church's, including links to archives, a webzine, an events calendar, history of the Poetry Project, and general information on poetry

CANONICAL VERSE Angelou: Inauguration Poem Anonymous: Ode To Joy Auden: august 1968 , Voltaire at Ferney Baudelaire: Enivrez-Vous Beowulf Blake: The New Jerusalem Brecht: Elogio al Aprendizaje (Español) Browning: Dramatic Lyrics , Dramatic Roman

Literary San Francisco
Links Announcements. Creative Literary Venues LINKS Beatitude Poetry Poetry Flash City Lights Books Dancing Poetry Festival Lannan Foundation Alibris A forum for unpublished manuscripts CALL FOR WORLDWIDE -
From Dogpile Category Arts Humanities Literature Poetry Poets

Alaska The Great Land Poetry Book..Get 3,368,420 HITS FOR FREE...
Unique book of poetry about Alaska. Beautiful sepia illustrations. Get 3,358,420 HITS FREE
Last modified on: 01-Dec-00  Size: 7705

Poetry.Com: Free Poetry Contest, Poems, Publishing, Links and Chat
Enter our free poetry contest to win cash prizes. Read international contemporary poetry in our Hall of Fame. Information on how to get your poems...
Last modified on: 22-Nov-00  Size: 20116

all-poetry encyclopedia at - the complete resource for every poet. Encyclopedia of poetry, links, forums, discussions, poem of the day, contests, and more
Last modified on: 14-Nov-00  Size: 10464

Poetry for Sobriety
Art BookTalk Chats Email Food&Bev Forum Humor Keepers LifeRing Links Meetings Newsletter NewsWire Poetry Recreation Science Search Shopping Smoking...
Last modified on: 30-Jun-00  Size: 8238

Remember Forever - Poetry
Poetry for Columbine. These poems and song lyrics were submitted to the Columbine Memorial Guestbook for the survivors and victims of the tragic...
Last modified on: 22-Apr-00  Size: 4111

The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church
The home page for the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church's, including links to archives, a webzine, an events calendar, history of the Poetry...
Last modified on: 07-Jul-00  Size: 14999

Pilot-Search: Poetry
Poetry sites on the Net ~ brought to you by Penguin and Pif Magazine.
Last modified on: 02-Dec-00  Size: 19324

University of Toronto: Representative Poetry On-Line

Romanticist Links and Electronic Texts- Web Directory

Poetry Hi-Fi - poetry from left of the dial. Features text and audio readings.

The English Server - publishes texts in the arts and humanities. Collections include art, architecture, drama, fiction, poetry, history, political theory, cultural studies, philosophy, women's studies and music.

Romanticism On the Net - Electronic journal dedicated to Romantic Studies containing articles, reviews, announcements and links to other sites.

Poetry Society Index Page
Write a poem for ChildLine The Poetry Society and ChildLine link on an exciting fundraising project for students... read about it here | 22 Betterton Street London WC2H 9BU | telephone 020 7420 9880 | fax 020 7

The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church
The home page for the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church's, including links to archives, a webzine, an events calendar, history of the Poetry Project, and general information on poetry

Guides to the Poetry of Anne Bradstreet
Find links, articles and study guides to increase appreciation of the poetry of Anne Bradstreet.
LookSmart category - Guides

Wilfred Owen Guides & Directories
Start at any one of these resources for photos, chat, links to his poetry and bibliographical information.
LookSmart category - Guides & Directories

Guides to the Poetry of John Donne
Peruse quotes, links, annotated bibliographies and analyses of this British poet's work.
LookSmart category - Guides

Comparison Shop for Books on Poetry
Links of great Web sites to buy poetry and other books all on one page. Hilarious jokes from the pages of are mixed in to make your shopping experience hilarious.

Poetry Resources - Lyricaworks


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