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The Seer

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<br>Through understanding, co-operation, compassion, we can find a new form of morality which takes into account the sacredness of every life form. For webmasters the Trancendence link exchange program.

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People write and ask how they can better implement the ideas and principles outlined in these pages, and how to connect with others who are like-minded. Besides joining this Web Ring, you are invited to submit you own ideas about this. Here are some we have recieved so far.

Julia Jablonski is the editor of a weekly free electronic spiritual e-magazine, the Psychic Journal with more than 35,000 subscribers. The Archives of this Journal are on-line and are a wealth of information about the spiritual life.

The Journal offers a Strangely True Story Contest, where you can submit your story for publication in this Journal. You must be 18 years of age to enter. Each week one winner is chosen who will receive a free 60 minute psychic reading on the Psychic Chat Network. Each story should be no more than 2000 words, absolutely true, and one which she will be able to publish in the Journal. It also must be about an experience in the psychic, spiritual, or occult. Give it a try!

An interesting group of people called the Intenders of the Highest Good is based on the writings of Tony Burroughs and Betsy Palmer. Sitting in a circle, they take turns speaking their intentions and recounting previously stated intentions that have come true, and there is a meditation. There seems to be something powerful about the process, as many report positive results. Often there is also a potluck supper which is a nice opportunity to get better acquainted with like-minded folks.                  - The Seer


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