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Collections of Links

  • Thought For The Day - links
  • Matters of the Spirit - Quote Page:  A  quote page with randomly generated quotes and affirmations

  • Inspiration and Motivation
    Magic, Shamanism, Nature, Paganism
    • AvatarSearch:  The world's oldest and largest search engine specializing in Paganism, Mysticism, Magick and the Occult.
    • Animal Spirit Guides:  Wide variety of animal totems defined.  One of the most complete online resources.
    • Chantrea's Phase of the Moon:  Current phase of the moon.  Information regarding working magic with the phases of the moon.
    • Every Animal There Is:  Descriptions and photos of a variety of animals.
    • Free Spirit Alliance:  sponsors the Free Spirit Gathering, one of the best pagan festivals around!
    • Kemetic Orthodoxy:  Current day practice of the ancient religion of Kemet.  The area known today as Egypt.
    • Moon Phases:  U.S. Naval Observatory's Database.  Times and dates for phases of the moon, surise/sunset data, equinoxes, solstices, more.
    • Nightmoon Pagan Network:  Pagan networking and resources.
    • Power Animals: Keywords and descriptions for power animals.
    • The Path of the Feather: shamanism, medicine wheels and spirit animals
    • The Witch's Voice:   The premier pagan networking site on the internet.  Worldwide.  Find events, fellow pagans, and circles in your area.
    • Wiccans Unite:  Good resource for beginners interested in Wicca.

    Positive Thinking

    • Zig Ziglar Online:  Encouragement, wisdom and humor from master mentor and motivatior of millions, Zig Ziglar!
    • Creative Quotations:  Search 25,000 quotations from 2,500 famous people at Creative Quotations. Browse quotes from a famous person born on your birthday!
    • Confidence Online  - comprehensive resources guide to self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement, self-help and positive, motivating sites on the 'net.
    • EyesOnSky Geneva Lake Webcam:  Geneva lake webcam & Paragliding pictures
    • The Motivational Mecca!Motivation & Inspiration 24/7:  Motivational community site. Complete with quotes, stories and a message board.
    • The MOST Inspirational books ever written:  The books that had the most positive impact on the readers who voted...
    • Harmony of Life:  On Positive Thinking - A Motivationalsite
    • Beyond the Rainbow - Resources for Well-being:  Exploring the Mind/Body/Spirit connection, with many articles and two monthly email newsletters.
    • Stamp Out Negatives:  A large selection of positive, uplifting and motivating rubber stamps
    • HANGTOUGH -Inspiration AND Motivation!  Ever-growing site full of positive poetry, encouraging quotes, uplifting stories and this author's thoughts daily! 
    • Inspired Living  - thought provoking ideas, articles, stories, education, discussion groups, resources and products to enhance self-awareness, personal growth and transformative living.
    • The Daily Motivator:  Wonderfully written messages for positive living by Ralph S. Marston, Jr. The site includes archives loaded with goodies, and a free mail list. 
    • Motivational Quotes Archive:  Motivational resources, including a searchable database of quotes, inspirational wallpapers, quotation postcards, and more.
    • An UNEQUALED Experience of Creative Thinking:  Filled with stories, quotes, affrimations, poems, and Send-A-Story. Inspirational site by Author Clay Page.
    • Mini-Course Why Controlled Thinking?:  There is a difference between thinking positive thoughts and that of creative thinking.
    • Hay House   - books and conversation with other positive people and authors.
    • Spirit to Spirit:  filled with affirmation, stories and ways to be more positive.
    • Frenetic Bizarrity:  A site dedicated to help you grow creatively, emotionally and spiritually
    • The Grapevine:  Daily inspirational column .. excellent reading place.
    • Lincolnshire Publishing:  A most effective concept for creating an awareness of the power of the mind for ourselves and those around us. Truly unique.
    • The Daily Motivator:  Great site with daily motivational messages, archives, emailed to you. Don't miss the Inspirational Art.
    • Top Ten Plus:  This site is named for the collection of hundreds of Top 10 Lists for business, personal development, professional coaching, and enjoyment.
    • Positive Projections - The Positive Side of Life:  A wonderfully Positive place by Diana Brock, a truly masterful Web job with stories, newsletters, positive people, etc.
    • Empowerment Now !:  Lots of features for Positive, Motivational, Empowerment
    • Transformation and  Transcendence
    • Spirit Mouse:  A safe place for your spirit. Information and resources for your growth.
    • Wild Girls:  Dedicated to the spirituality of girls and young women. This site features work by Patricia Monaghan, one of the leading authorities on goddess religion. We welcome writing by girls that expresses the spiritual search.
    • The New Intimacy:  Value and respect for differences! That's The New Intimacy. Successful conflict resolution, real romance, personal growth, practical spirituality in dating, marriage and all romantic relationships.
    • 3 Dimensional Healing:  We offer psychic healing, holistic consulting and lifestyle counseling.
    • The Augustine Centre:  Courses for living, paths for the soul. Nurturing people, ideas, spirit.
    • The 5th Dimension - insights into magic mushroom ufo dream tarot viking meditation philosophy tantra maya plato escher conspiracy time travel tantric sex pagan new age alternative mind control paradigm i ching magick crop circle aura channeling philadelphia experiment quantum physics peyote shamanism alternative energy metaphysics remote viewing enlightenment 
    • IAS & Manjushri Mandala:  New Age, Tibetan Buddhism, Art, Astrology, Wisdom, the Sixties
    • Life Matters an inspirational free newsletter:  download our inspirational free newsletter, self worth channelling, death and dying issues, male perspective
    • Life's Quest:  metaphysical
    • Lotusbud's Spiritual Corner:  A place of inspiration dedicated to spirituality, gratitude and the miracle of life
    • Holistic Living:  A new forum dedicated to living a more fulfilled life: health, spirituality, relationships, creativity. Includes a link to an ezine with more resources.
    • Allspirit :  An oasis of spiritual poetry, quotations and lyrics.
    • Kim's Spiritual Thoughts:  A site of beauty and inspiration with links to some wonderful uplifting places.
    • The Augustine Centre:  Courses for Living and Contemporary Spirituality Program. Since 1971 the Augustine Centre has offered opportunities for emotional, physical and spiritual healing, awareness, and life enrichment. Most of our work is carried out in small group settings led by experienced facilitators.
    • AshtarCommand.Net:  Ashtar Command Info, Methods to Awaken Memories, Galactic Heritege. Hosted by Kaiel and Estrellia
    • Books To Download:  Books by James Harvey Stout. (Some are free.) Psychology and spirituality, internet commerce, bartering (swapping), etc.
    • KATFORTUNA/Temple_Fortuna:  a place for Master psychic Katrina Fortuna to take you for fun and joy and higher self learning and cooking with love etc. a place to tap into the Divine within each one of us!!! a FREE GIFT awaits you in the Temple NOW..
    • A Deep Place:  A unique online anthology of quotes, poetry and story to inspire the mind, warm the heart and soothe the soul.
    • The Attunement Therapy Homepage:  Website for Attunement Therapy information, seminars, books, links, info on Jaclyn Stein Henderson, NCTMB, RC and her work in the world...
    • All About Spirit - ElsaJoy:  A garden of spiritual inspiration - especially see the Weekly Column, Elsanotes, and Angel Bytes. Great reading !
    • The MILLENNIUM Matters:  A cyber community...over 1000 links and articles! Spirit, Gaia, Community, Egypt, UFO's and more!
    • A Christian Paradigm:  Provides a rational basis for both science and religion.
    • Welcome to New Heaven New Earth !:  Your contact point for individuals, organizations, information, and fast-breaking news all over the world that are seeking to give birth to a new way of life on our planet.
    • InnerSpace: The Writings of Julia White:  Your safe haven for self-growth, self-awareness and inner exploration.
    • Spirit - WWW:  Spiritual Consciousness, Channelings, Lightwork, UFO Phenomena, Light-Technology, Healing Methods, Meditation, Out Of Body Experience,Yoga Paths, Veda & Dharma, Theosophy, Mysteries, Astrology
    • Walking A Spiritual Path:  Walking a spiritual path - with your mind, body, and soul.
    • Every Path Has A Purpose:  Life is a journey not a destination, a "Book of Wisdom"


    World Religion

    Alternative Healing 

  • The Alternative Medicine Homepage -University of Pittsburgh
  • NHAHN's Alternative Medicine Links
  • Alternative Health Database from Great Dreams
  • Natural Health Web
  • Deepak Chopra, M.D. 
  • Bernie Siegel, M.D. 
  • Candace Pert, Ph.D. 
  • Wayne Dyer, Ph.D. 
  • Rudolph Ballentine M.D. 
  • Dean Ornish, M.D.
  • Andrew Weil, MD - Q & A, links to self-help topics and recipes. 
  • Famous Healers Past and Present - healing mentors such as Florence Nightengale, Edgar Cayce, Barbara Brennan, Peace Pilgrim, Benjamin Spock, Carolyn Myss, and Deepak Chopra - who stand out in teaching and practicing the art of health and well-being. 
  • Mental Health Resources - with  Leonard Holmes, Ph.D. - Your Guide to over 700 Sites
  • White Dove Wellness.
  • Essiac Info:  Rene Caisse, Canada's Cancer Nurse and the History of  Essiac.
  • FibroFree:  Fibromyalgia Recovery Program - Dr. Rob Robertson and Dr. Bill Hennen.
  • AltVetMed:  Complimentary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine +  directory of alternative and holistic veterinarians

  • More Links

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