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Angry Beavers fans and counting (i wish)!

Hi friends and welcome to Wes's Homepage

The Angry Beavers is the best show in the world! If you don't watch it than you should! because it is splendevorus-beaverama! This site has tons of Angry Beavers stuff as well as some other stuff that I have deemed necesary to include on this page yet found no apparent reason for doing so! This site also has many important links! Go to them!


Have fun!

Oh yeah! Download anything you want!

*As of November 18,1998 all of the Angry Beavers sound files have been moved to a seperate document so when you see the text "Wes' Angry Beavers sound page!" be sure to go there! I have added new soundz to it! Whoooooooooo-whoooooo!*

Dagget is probably my fave angry beaver. He is alot like me because.....

He is crazy.

He is hyper.

He is funny.

Dag likes saying Phrases like "that was nuts!" and sentences with the word "spoot" in them. He likes to call people names like weasal weenie. Dag is dark brown with a red pointed nose. He is Norb's halfwitted brother! He also can sometimes get TOO hyper.Daggett gets carried away alot and makes lots of funny noises. He can never sit still, not even for a few moments! He always finds some way to annoy the heck out of Norbert, his older brother.

Norb Is Dag's older brother. He is da' beaver with the brains. Norb is older than Dag by 4 minutes. Norb is light brown with a purple nose. He is alot more laid back than Daggett. He likes to pronounce lots of words incorrectly. I think Norb is alot like a person from my church. His name is Mark Roberts and he is really laid back and cool too!

The show is about two brothers, Dagget and Norbert, who are trying to make a living. something funny always happens to them. If you do not watch the show then you should. It is splendevorus-beaverama! There are not very many episods(?)of the show though. I still watch it whenever it comes on because it makes me laugh so hard! I even have a tape of the show. I will surely let you know when a new season is going to start! I hope you enjoy this page! I think it is doing really good so far. I have not been able to up-date it a whole lot because i have to go to school too much...=( But I will update it as often as I can! Isn't that neat!?!?:O

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Angry Beaver Fans and Counting!

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