And the winner is...

This is just a fun lil page I thought i'd have fun with. From alamak all through the years HackChat has been a place we all could come to and have like another life in. More like a soap opera. Now some of us are either gone or chatting at a different place. So this is just an award place for everyone i've met through my chatting may not have the same feeling about this as I do buuut.. *says to herself* who cares.. *laffs* so the winners are... *drum rolls*

Chat Stealer:

winner- scroomy, believe it or not this guy started "alamak trouble" *laffs* we all loved him though.


winner- JayCee, only guy I know around here that knows the meaning of being funny,taking a joke and knowing when to be serious.

Most Creative

winner- TILEYCAT, one krazy kitty that has it all. We love her..meow

Best/Worst nick

winner- Best Nick: CrystalSmilez- I love her nick. Also very creative.

Worst Nick: GREENDOG- never seemed to get it..


winners- crazycat- enough said *laffs* would be there for anyone.

IDGirl- Margie was also there for anyone and gave everyone a chance.


winner- Would like for Smilz to pick up her award

Biggest Flirt

winners- Dev: he denys it..but he knows he was/is *laffs*

CANDYAPPLE: and she knows she CANT deny it *laffs*

Most Missed

winner- PsychoChick, when she left..nobody forgot her and still wanted her around and missed her.

Most Wanted

winners- Cassey: sweet beautiful and a friend to all.

Yakuza: Justine's (CrystalSmilez) blonde stud.. *laffs*

Best Couple

winners- DreamPower and Jabba_jaws..met on chat and have been together till this very day. They've been through so much and still havent given up when the hard times came in. Wishing you both the best.

Best Overall