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This page is not anything special and not even sure if im adding it to my homepage but if it becomes more (added pics for example or whatever I will add it). However it's dedicated to my most thankful net friends i've had over the past 5 years in alamak.

LuckyStar aka Richelle: My faaave sis who has always been there for me. Who has been there when Webby died *laffs* and who had given me a nekkid man *proud* heh..I know I can always have my secrets kept and same with her. We're the evil sistahs *scary music plays* . Alamak is boring without her hmmm probably cause shes the most popular *laffs* and that damn bitch Kristine (Krissy...yes YOU) are a fucking bitch so you best mind your own goddamn business and the stay fuck away from Richelle and Ty because all you deserve is dog shit... whoops *innocent look* *laffs* can always count on me sis and i'll be here. Love yas sistah. *HUGE FURRY HUGS *N* KITTY SIS LIX*

Orakle/JNCO aka James: My best friend I met 3 years ago in alamak hackchat. I love him to death and would do anything for him. *S* He's always there for me when I need him and I will always know that because he is the sweetest..dont believe him? He has a crown *laffs and polishes it* I love chatting with him everyday (with Richelle the chataholics *laffs*) and seeing him. I will always be there for him when he needs me and no one could be better then him. *hugs n kisses*

Sass aka Jules: Another favie sistah *runs to her in slow motion* SISSSSSS *HUGEST HUGS* We've known each other a LONG time and we've had like maybe one fight *laffs* but I hardly see her anymore *sigh* I remember our sex on the beach *LOL* hmmm purple hooters,slippery nipples and of course..Herbert the blue footed booby bird we shared together *laffs* Shes my little Sassly and im her FUNKLY *laffs* I could never forget her, shes #1.

Dev aka David: Well right now..we're fighting *laffs* and I seriously doubt we'll ever be friends again for what he said. But..maybe its for the best. As for a while ago he was my fave bro and we talked on the phone lots *laffs* he loved my gangstah voice *LOL* ..Another one I could never forget. =o)

melissaK: MELKKKK One of the best and funniest girlys around. We write the LONGEST emails *laffs* but it's cause shes at college so I never see her on the chats anymore. She knows more about my life then anyone else on chat though and shes one of my fave sistahs ever.

crazycat aka DJ: We went out for 3 years and I learned alot from him. He was actually my first love and I still have much love for him. *S* He's a real great guy and doesnt have the net anymore but we talk maybe once or twice every 2 months which is better then anything. He knows alot about me or about the same as melK which is alot *laffs*

Others I have to thank:

TILEYCAT/ kitty cuz
AngelGoddess/Martina my Derek Jeter lover as well
KittieKatLover/Sarah my mommy *laff*
Trippy/Amanda my RL sis
sylkk/Jeff my lovely friend
CandyTickel/Frank..a great guy