that's meeee an angel *laffs* Hey everyone and thanks for visiting the boring piece of my home! ..well you wanted to know MORE about "me" so here ya go..and PLEASE no pictures/autographs and keep tails and paws inside at all times till ride ends! =o)

Describe yourself please?: brown hair with natural red highlights (dyed sometimes to blonde, purple, dark brown and red but it was just dyed like Vitamin C's new color ..I like a change once in a while) right now I have bleached blonde hair,hazel eyes (they switch sometimes), about 5'5,110 lbs..gifted,shy,angel-like umm and everything nice *laff* ocent person! *laffs*

Piercings?: ears,left eyebrow,belly button and more piercings 'cause next is tattoos

Any Tattoos? I have one butterfly on my back

Where Would You Want The Tattoos?: Only small ones though..umm arm band,rose on ankle an maybe two more one on chest and other around navel.

Nicknames? Well my real name is Kristy duh! *laff* and nicknames: Kristina (teachers),Krissy (friends),KJ(some friends),Gentle Jesus (from Leo (haha), Kersty (whoever),Krystal (Oma/grandmother),Misty (Opa/grandfather),Kris. ohhh and "Arthur" who named me (sped "Special Ed") because he loves me *laffs*

Bestfriends IRL?: Deering: Chris, Sandra and Amanda while in Bonny Eagle it'd have to be: Amy, Amanda and Harry..Gorham: Danielle annnnnnd Windham: Wayne, Greg and Stacy

Best Online Friends? Ummm wow too many I luv 'em all *L* Ummm Sass(the fiatvoive sgits hehe),melK,sylkk,Shado,crazycat as always *S*,WILDCAT,DreamPower Sarah,AngelGoddess MY DEREK JETER TWIN,Dev,JayCee and that puppy JessDoggy

Best/Worst Feeling?: Best feeling is being loved and worst feeling is heartbreak.

Fave Food?: mashed potato with gravy and steak and ketchup!! YUMmmmmmmm

Fave Color?: PINK!! tooo many but mostly green,greenish-blue,blue,orange and black.

Worst Color?: I hate brown,yellow,grey and red! yuuuck!

Have ICQ?: nah

Have MSN?: Yeah

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?: JTT and I guess all my online friends ohh and Miss Mariah

B-day?: November 30th 1984

If you could live anywhere where would it be?: Florida or Cali

Fave singers/groups?: MISS MARIAH CAREY AND JA RULE!! BSB,98 Degrees (hate n'sync though),Kci n' Jojo,Puff Daddy,Joe,Jennifer Lopez,Ma$e,Tupac,Nelly, Mya, Pink, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Dre,Jessica Simpson,Tyrese,Monica,Eminem,Usher,TLC etc!

Fave Song: "If We" by Mariah Carey feat Ja Rule and Nate Dogg

Worst Song: "Blue" by Eiffel 69 or whatever..hate all their songs though

Song That Best Describe Me: Sad but true.. "What You See Is What You Get" by Britney Spears..i'm not that innocent..surprise ya? *laff*

Songs That Remind Me Of People: "Thong Song" Sisqo and all those other A$$ songs- JAIME .. 'cause we'd always have fun singing about people's beeeehinds *laffs* and MARTINA (AngelGoddess) 'cause she loves them *laffs*... "Wifey" Next -ASHA.. 'cause we'd sing this to each other 'cause shes my wifey *laffs* .. "Come On Over" Christina Aguilera -DANIELLE 'cause it's her fave singer and she looks just like her...

Best Singer/group?: Mariah Carey

Do you drink/smoke?: sometimes

Are you gifted?: of course *polishes halo*

Fave Movies?: Here On Earth is a sweet movie..I love it..also: Austin Powers 1 and 2, Romeo *N* Juliet,anything with JTT, Lion King (yeah yeah shuddup *L*), Far And Away,Scream 1,2 and 3,Notting Hill (and anything with Julia Roberts in it!!), Bean,Legally BLONDE!!!..etc

Fave TV Show(s)?: Dont watch too much TV but I guess i'd say "Boy Meets World", "Tom Green Show" and the best soap opera.. "Passions"

Fave Actor(s)?: JTT OF COURSE! ummmm thats all *L* for movies would be again JTT,Will Smith,Leo DiCaprio, Tom know *L*

Fave Actresses?: Danielle Fishel (Topanga on BMW),Julia Roberts,Kirstie Alley,Lori Loughlin.

Fave model(s)?: Tyson Beckford *dreamy sigh* heh Tyrese and Ja Rule should be a model *nod*

Fave Flower?: White and black roses

Fave Animals?: Cats,dogs an horses I loooove butterflys too..I'll take anything with a butterfly on it *laff*

Worst Animals?: Alligators/crocs,sharks and snakes

Have Any Pets?: 1 dog Rusty (irish setter/black lab mix),1 bird (cockatail),some fish,2 cats Bebe Kitten and Little Kittyness *laff* 3 ferrets Bruiser, Ferris and Sachi, 2 bunnies Bunny and FuFu (RIP Buster and Babs).. you can read all about them in my Pets section!

Fave Saying: "for real?!" , "Butterflies seem to be following me.. everywhere I go", "I love ya, and I appreaciate ya!".

Online nick(s): FUNKYCAT,Kristy, Mariah, HeavenDreams etc..

What do you like to do in your spare time?: CHAT!! ohhh heheh.. *S* umm blade,hang with friends,movies,music,shop,swim,galactic bowling,write,read,Wayne, play with my pets etc

Believe in God?: Yeah

Fave Book?: well see... uhhh I'll get back to you on that *L*

Is this it?: Yep..thats all for now but if anyone wants to know anything 'bout me I'll be happy to post it *S* Just mail me or something..take cares and much love ya'all =o) *HUGE HUGS* ... *S*