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I know I know..hehe I had to make a page with my realz lyfe frenz too..jealous? naah *L* But I also think of you cyber Alamakers as good frenz too..but I give my props to these people too *S* ...

Justin: You've always been the "freak" since I met ya *L* an always will be but I give ya much more then that cause I luv ya an glad we met. You've shown me much more to life then there is. I will always be there when you need me..Thank you..my best fren *S*

Jessica aka Barkey: MMEEOOWWWOOOOOOFFF *LOL* Damn we've known each other for only 4yrs of our lyves but it seems lyke much more. U've always been there for me whether or not I needed it an could always sence sumthins wrong. Thru all those possesive bf's of myne u were there to give me advice an stick up for me. I will always remember you an thank you always!!

Ashley aka ASHCAT: My bestfren eva. We know how it feels to go thru all those guys an have them try an take over our lives but we're still young an we'll stick togetha thru think an thin. Luv ya sistah an there ain nuthin that could come between us. U da bomb *L* Whats cookin? *LOL*

Tom: Your now goin' out with my bestfren so u betz take care of her ya hear TommyBoy? hehehe Im glad I met ya an thanx for everything u've done..u can B a sweetie when ya want but otha tymez goin' to jail? *L* tsk tsk..luv ya!

Kristi aka PrincessKEP: RIISSTTYYY KAAYYY BANANA MONKEYY GMITT!!! I had sooo much fun with ya girly u'll alwayz B one of my fave frenz to hang with. Ur funny as hell an can always make me laugh. ya dorkis hehe..ur kick ass you an "Gertrude" *L* *wink* hahaha..damn sis an then the frog ahhh MrC didnt lyke that *LOL* oooo it looks lyke meee heheheh take carez!!!

Mary aka Princess Harry Larry: WOOOHOOO PRINCESS HARRY LARRY! *LOL* Ur also one hell of a joker sis I cant forget u..acckk u an limburgercheese hahah neva knew that u lyked him huh? Tellll himmmm. U'll neva lose that nick Princess *L* Dont forget to wear anti-sunburn an forget about those carbonation bubbles on soda *L* Thanx for everything..an damn Serena haha *L*

Alex aka LimburgerCheese: FLIIIRRTTTTTTT *LMAO* well @ least u aint as bad as Kyle hehhe but damn I gotta watch out for ya..u'd stryke @ n-e minute,which remyndz me damn I need my hair peice back *LOL* u took it..umm U dont have long hair to fix it eitha *L* awww givin me 10 with Katie for Spam in a can..juss 'cuz u lyked my dress..ur a sweeeeeetiiieeeee *L* luv yaaaaaa *hugs*

Katie aka MzSpamInACan: *LMFAO* ur crayZee hahah damn ya remember collecting money for our spam in a can for the needy people in Australia? *LOL* we made 60 an that ticket thang tho *shruggz* heheh that one hellz kicked ass so damn I need ya in my classes next year..you an those polar bears who perhaps suddenly bit ur leg off in gym so u couldnt run *LOLOL* SPAM 4EVAAAAAA ahahah

Stephy aka Steffen,Stopher,LobstersClaw: YAYYYY the lobster me is BACK in action *LOL* ur one of my fave frenz to juss kick back with an laff @ those silly silly people..or lobsters shall we say? *L* u alwayz rule an bring a smile to my face. Too bad ya didnt know me lass year huh?! scary thought *L* an remember: Dont get sunburned *L*

Sean aka Seen,Seantell,Seany Baby,Whats That Noise?!?: HAHAHA what ISSS that noise? *LMAO* too bad haha ur a lil too late fren..an damn where were u sum of the year? Ohh yeah *winks* heheheh too bad these net pics didnt have ur pic huh? they'd B lyke "whos that sexy man?" *L* j/j luvv uu foreevvvaa buddd..ur the first ex that turned out to B one of my very bestfrenz..thank you *S*

Nick aka NICKatrol,NICKatine,Nicky Poohs,Throwrug,Spragoo: ya dorkis *L* freeakkkiieeee dont talk to me eva again ya damn throwrug *LMAO* ur lyke whats that? hahah..damn u an Sean remynd me of baby apes.. *LOL* *spanks* Advice from Nicky: Dont sleep in class.. *scary look* *LOL* Luv ya.. I mean who couldnt luv a geek lyke him? *L* juss joshin *hugsssss*

John aka Johnny Baby: JOOOHHNNNNYYYY BBAABBBYYYYY III LOOVVEEE YOUUU!!!! Ya damn sweets whats up? *L* we alwayz kid around..too bad for those olden days huh? an u neva believed me about you-know-what *L* should B ashemed of urself..talkin' to the queen ryte now *L* An thanks for everything u've done too..even tho u owe me morez *L*

Richard: I guess I'd have to say ur the weirdest fren I have..or I know *L* But even tho u can act lyke an alien sumtymez I really have to thank u for everything..lyke hmm telling me secrets that im not supposed to know *LMAO* or gettin Justin an I togetha *S* U an Jess..still hate ya both for it but thanks hehe. I've alwayz got ur syde!!

Jen aka MrsM: JJJENNNNNNNNNNNYYYY OMIGOD do I have ALOT to thank ya for *L* I think id' take up this whole thang juss saying how much I luv ya sis an to thanks for everything uve done to help me. Even tho ur a lil too obbsessed about *cough* *cough* I still put up with ya *L* Even when I gave Mrs Thayer an attitude an get in trouble u'd B there to back me out..u took my back an I still thank ya. Ohh an the last day.. Serenas hair covered in bubble gum..wonder who did that? *LOL* Kyle (Justins lil bro): First of all I'd lyke to say thank you..ur very very sweet *S* an I know we're frenz but I dont think us being togetha as a couple would work..for one ur a lil too young an the other im with ur bro. But I'll alwayz have luv for ya 'cuz ur also lyke a lil bro to me an im there when ya need it. Laterz cutie!!!

Kyle (friend): ur worse then n-e-1 I know *LOL* the biggest flirt I know..from the pick up lyne "Ur the suga in mah tea" to the singing to me from the fan,ur pencil or even the broom ur alwayz gonna B my babe. Who could ask for n-e-thing more? *LOL* Damn..a flirt an sexy too.. (needa pic) hmmm heheh.. *huggers*

Sorry but I couldnt go an fit ya'allz on here *L* but I luv u guys too juss addding ya here with no room hehe.. *HUGSSS ALL* Still care about ya..

Megan...Alley...Bly...Rose...Kimmy... Tatum...Amanda...Amy...Matt...Savana...S andra...Scott...Jeff...Robby... Mark...Karry...Theo...Derek...Chipper... Marty...Theresa M (one fren)...Theresa C...Jonathan...Jimmy C...Jimmy F...Ryry... Mike...Kendra...Ana (woody *L*)...Michelle G...Michelle P.. My Nicks From Friends And Who To thank them for: *L* Lobster~~Thanks Stephy *LOL* (from my sunburns hehe).....Kissty~~Thanks Jimmy what a sweetie *LOL* umm cant tell *L*....Kritty~~Thanks Justin an Jessica *L* Jess one tyme forgot the "s" in my name so thats how so now they both call me it....KJ~~Thanks Kimmy,Bly,Rose the three muskets *L* (my initials)....Kristina~~mostly all my frenz...Banana Monkey~~Kristi my twin,we're both juss weird *L*.... ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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