Bebe Kitten

This here is my beautiful cat *laffs* 7 years old but..still called a kitten to me at least. Shes the best and she KNOWS shes queen *laff*


This is Archie my greyhound..he's a very old but sweet dog *laffs* Of course I have other dogs too but couldnt get my photo album at my house *shrug* so at least you get to see him *laff*

My House

This is where im living now and we get BEAUTIFUL summers here. *S* Nice flowers all thanks to my Oma (grandmother) =o)Buuuut we're moving now because we want a bigger place (even though this house is as huge as it is)


This is my bro Nick,he's a cutie! *S* I miss him alot and he's the only brother I actually like..not to be mean heh..but I also have a sistah Kayla but she didnt want her pics up *shrug* ..Nick is getting ready for Halloween *laffs*