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Crystal's ghetto page
Karrie Dot's Page
Guyver's purrfect Page
DUKE's Kewl Page
Trinka's rawk-n page
Da COOLEST chickeyz Page! (Sass)
Bigred's REDrific Page
10Sackey's Pagie
Desire's trrrrific Page
Jumpsteady's jumpy Page


*~Crazycat: luv ya *S* *kiss* I will alwayz love u no matter what happenz! *S* I know we will alwayz work thingz out..we alwayz have *S* I cant waieach other..good thing iz.we get to see each other twice *L*

*~PsychoChick: Psychooooo sis! Where are u? *~Pinky~*

*~SmokeyD: *licks hugz n kissez* luv ya lots too bro *S* ...sexy pic! Luv da hair! hehehehe

*~TILEYCAT: MEOW CUZZIE *fixes her collar and bell* My FIRST Cuz! *S* The REAL CAT wid da attitude! hehehe luv ya!

*~kavik: Kavvvvvy wolf!!

*~PuppyLove: *huge hugz* Woof!

*~Desire: Sweet sis! *S* Girl u are hellaz funny...when U want somethin *L* hmmm *looks @ da survey* hehehe *HUGS* Lots of lovey!

*~Cassey: Frog sex *LOL* Luv u too sis!! Hmmmm...I wonder what other sex there iz *L* I luuuv my kitty style and I knowz ya wantz some *LOL* j/k U gotz a cute voice sistah!! *S*

*~CHARLOTTE: POOP...hehehe ur smart sis and u know alot! Ur a person I look up to sis *S*

*~Ivy: Ivy Newton!! Also CHAR's love! *L*

*~CHRISTINE: *HUGZZZZ* Up front kewl girl!

*~shay: siiiiisssss wid HTML!!

*~Trenty: brooooo *hugz n kissez* *S* Im glad we worked thingz out and we're friendz I dont know what I would do without ya *S* luv ya!

*~Karrie: *~DOT~* Me,u and Psycho gotta get the group back nd b the silly thingz we were b! But u and her left for a while and never get to see u guys!

*~CrystalSmilez: *HUGZ* hehe we got da stylez an attitude and think alike! *giggle*

*~Dreema: My beautiful twin sistah! Luv ya girly!!! *HUGE HUGS* U knowz I luv ya lots sis!!

*~Jumpsteady: *hugz n kissez* *S* Another sweety *S*...I gotz too many hehehe oops..I put u in pink...didnt I? *L*

*~Jennay: Derek Jeter will win your guy *L* U know u love me *LOL* MeOw JennayCat!

*~George: Georgieee Pooooohz *S* U Juiet u! hehehe *wink* besides SOCCER I think ur the fastest typer..thing iz...im gettin sick of alamak sometimes because I hate our new rules and stuff.Ur already a L3 and im still 1! But im glad we're friendz *S*

*~AngelGoddess: Derek Jeter WOOOHOOO!!! U are gonna marry Alex sometime girl and I get to b ur lil flower cat! hehehe....I'll visit u sometime and we'll watch Alex and Derek play all day well...maybe watch em but we could watch there behinds more *wink* *drooool* hehehe Luv ya lots sis!

*~Trainspotting: damn...where are u bro? =o(

*~Worm: WORMMMMY POOOHZ!!! heheh *hugz n kissez* another flirt..well sometimes! I hope the football iz goin ok..*S*

*~shykitten : I miss ya cuzzy! And u were a really great friend! awwwww =o( I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope u come back cause it isnt the same without ya sis and I really miss ya =o( *sniff* We usta b funny and stuff...I still have ur yarn ball and keep it incase u come back. U were like soooo cool and I really miss ur company MeOw's and stuff *sigh* thanx for signing my GB tho cause now I can look back @ what u said and I really wished u had something I could write ya...I cant write to u but if I had the chance I would. U dont live very far away from me so whenever u want call blue and maybe u can visit sometime n the summer! I know everything ur goin thro and feel bad I started to cry! *HUGE BIG HUGZ* =o(

*~mrgabby: M.R.G.A.B.B.Y!! I can spell!! hehehe..A GREAT OP! *S*

*~bluemace: Thanks for all the help bro *S* and now I think its time to help u out! I really luv ya and Angie and I hope u take the best of care! If u ever need help or advice just ask me! I luv helpin my friendz like u *S* *HUGZ N KISSEZ*

*~Bart: Thank you too *S* *hugz n kotc* Thanx for believin me too! *S*

*~chica: This color makes me think of u *L* *HUGZ* Good luck with Twistid *S*

*~phantomfreak: I still luv ya bro! Take care but visit sometime *S*

*~ClearWaterz: GEEEEEK *L* j/k...Water girly!! hehehe luv ya sis! *blows kisses* My secret lover!! *LOL*

*~guyver: One of my best friendz *S* sweet...sometimez *LOL* j/k..*pinchez his cheeks*

*~topo: we all still remember you *S* get ur lil mouse tail back soooooon!

*~Tastylady: Luv ya sis!!! *HUGZ* Another sis I KNOW I can trust and she trusts me! Thanx sis *S*

*~Serena: SISISISIS *HUGZ* lotz of luv!! U n Cassey take care and make sure cass dont b gettin in trouble *L*

*~Trinka: weirdo whacky one!! hehehe *passes her a grey balloon* Ur one of tha best homepage makers and sis's.

*~WonderWall2: My friendly flooder friend! *L* actually...my fave FLOODER *L* u know u love me *L*

*~wildthing: WILDTHANG!! hehehe *hugz n kissez* *S* Ur another one I have to thank cause u helped me out and trusted me....one thing tho...MY NAME IZ NOT FURBALL *LOL*

*~Eve: Eviiiieeee the one and only!! We've known each other on HC forever but u left us and went to college =o( U better b gettin good grades or aunty funky will ground u *LOL*

*~KUTTY: Another cuzzy!!! *hugz 2 ya* MeOw..ur one of the psychoist cat's I met *LOL*

*~JETTADude: A Grrrrrreat friend!! *S* Thanx for everything *S* Now girlz n sistahs...I think he's single..WOOOHOOO *L* he's really funny! But I think he iz scoomy'z lover *LMTO* j/k Thanx for helpin me out wid those abuserz...I owe ya! Anytime u need to talk..juss ask!

*~bear: *hugz n kotc* Thanx 4 bein there when I need ya *S* I trust u and ur really nice to talk to! *S*


*~Arch: hey,whats up? *hugz n kissez* we use to go out but I hope u can move on and find someone else *S*... im glad we're friendz and u came back after all that time.

*~pinaygurl: luv 4 ya sis and good luck! hehehe *HUGZ* I luv talkin wid ya on HC cause U da sistah! heheh...ur really funny and weird just like me *L* monkeeeeeeey *LOL*

*~CANDYAPPLE: *HUGZZZ SIS* luv ya! APPLE TULS! hehehe..our group hasta get together again soon wid our pimpz! *L*

*~fremen: *LIIIIICKS ALL OVER* hehehe....glad u came to visit alamak once in a while cause I missed ya hella bad!

*~SUNiFLOWER: TULS CLUB 4EVAH!! TULSTUS....awwww damn where did u go?? I miss seein ya @ alamak and sayin bad thingz and gettin banned *LOL*

*~melissaK: AHHHHhhhh SISTAH GIRLY GIRL!!! hehehe,,,I miss ya sooo MUCH sis *SMOOOOCHEZ* *LOL* I hope u get a break from college and come and visit da funky kitty sis! *S* u one of da coolest sissyz on alamak...I miss da old dayz when every1 waz on alamak *sniff*...remember dat guy who had dat crush on u?! *LMFAO* dat waz funny hehehe...damn I miss tellin u all mah secwetz and talkin wid ya on alamak and juss hangin out wid the guyz on alamak that we usta talk to..also all thoze mad ass fights hehehe...awww sis diz iz makin me sad *grabz a tissue* hehehe..oh wellz u still gotz stylez *N* FC still woves ya! *S* Loadz of luv sistah!! Awww shuckz..now im cryin! *sighs* I hope u get to alamak again...thiz iz hard =o( I'll try and write u soon!! MMEEOOWW

*~AILEYCAT: MMMEEEEOOOOWWW!!! scroll down...already put ya

*~thymey: *lightning strikes* *eg* Story time *wink* *L* hmmm..how bout the one wid da two lil thymeys and one bird named....FC *scary music plays in the backround* *L*

*~MC: Cheer up bro! Some sunshine will come your way soon *S* But im happy to see u wid Cassey and better take care of my sis! *L*

*~Ad_Rock: U gotta b home more often *wink* *L* *puts her paw in the dirt where Barkey usully puts it* *LOL* Now I took it! hehehe

*~DreamPower: Power to ya sis! *S* Im glad u got dat gir and killed her..she deserved it..give her a unch for me too *L* hmm maybe I should someday! hehehe..good luck wid u and Jabba *S* I knowz u make a great couple..I wish I could b @ tha weddin =o( oh welll...I gotz sumpin up my sleeve *eg* heheheheh

*~10sack: *hugzz n kotc* ..*S* hmmmmm...all we say iz hi and bye *LOL* but I still call ya bro *S* ...ur darn ass cute too *L*

*~IDgirl: Luuuuvvvv you sistah!!! *HUGZ* QuAcK MeOw! hehehe..love u LOTS mommmmy! Im glad u adopted me but u bettah put me on ur page hehehe

*~Snowmeeow: *takes out da frozen fish* SNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOWSNOW...just like u flood with my name...but it makes me feel special *L*

*~LittleKim: Luv u too sis!!! SISISIS...I miss ya too and dont know really why ur goin out wid u know who...but I guess everyone has different tastes...

*~Z_Dogg: catz will alwayz b bettah then dogz!! hehehe...scroll down..already put ya

*~Kimmy: Thanx for all the help you gave me about alamak *S* *HUGZZZZZ* scroll down..already put ya!

*~DeathBlade: *HuGz N kIsSeZ* *S* I also miss u and dont know why ur not comin back =o(

*~lockee: *hugz n kisses to you too* *S* ye theif!! *giggles* I miss ya looots!! *pout* GET BACK! hehehe

*~lynius: Ur gone too? Damn...u left me *pout* Get back soon!!!

*~Kittykat: Good luck wid u and ur bf *S* ur a grrrreat sistah!

*~Bigred: Im glad we're friendz.. *S* nice pic also...but mine will b better...the deal iz still on *L*

*~babymace: *HUGZZZZ SIS* I'll find u someone..it just takes time *S*

*~Ari_Katt: MeOw MeOw sis!! scroll down...already put ya

*~lilangel: *HUGE ASS BIG DAMN SUPER DUPER GIGANTIC MONSTEROUS HUGZ 4 her sis* U better b bein a good daughter while ur gone with HC and better return quickly!! hehe

*~Simba: roaaaaar!! hehehe LION!scroll down..already put ya!

*~Unchained: *Hugzzzz* Good luck with u and chica *S* I hope ustay together!

*~Gussie: *HUGZ N KOTC* Hey bro!! *S* scroll down..already put ya!

*~highfy: *HUGZZZZ* ohh god...change dat homepage....dats nasty *LOL* a woman in that?! ewwww *L* put a guy instead *L*

*~siera: *HUGZZZZZZZ* hey sisisis!! Thanx for helpin me *S* I will keep u know who away from ya so she dont bug ya....I cant believe she does that and I have seen her. Dont worry I still luv ya and so do ur other sis's! *S*

*~DUKE: *HUGZ N KISSEZ* *S* scroll down..I already put ya!

*~MUDDLES: Heeeeey u weirdo!! Sup?? Long time! *HUGZ* Another one...hmmm how's SG?? *S* *w* heheh....shhh I wont tell sis *S* Im glad we friendz!!

*~Ash: *HUGZ BRO* not much too say but u knowz I luv ya!

*~IslandBoy: Lots of love! Miss ya! U also one who has to come back!! *kotc*

*~Dexter: Loadz of fun and happiness to ya! *S* lotssssssss of luv luv hehe...I hope u someday come back to alamak cause its not tha same w/o ya!

*~Gussie: *HUGZ N KOTC* Where are u? =o( I nevah see u anymorez! Iz it cause u hate HC??

*~SWINGCAT: SWWWWWING MeowMeow!! *pouncez n fishys* Thanx for warning me on some peeps and now I get why u have been sayin it but I wanted to find out on my own..next time I'll listen to u cuzzy *S*

*~DjBeats: *hugz n kissez* *pounce* damn funny bro....yet stop changin nicks k? hehe j/k! I luv talkin wid ya on alamak *S*

*~DUKE: *hugz n kissez* Luv ya lots! Thanx for puttin me on ur page! It means alot and so does ur friendship. Even though I know u really like me...we just met and I think u should take it slow! Friendship iz better!

*~Cantila: Meeeeeooooowwww!!! *hugz n kissez* U big flirt!! hehehe Another FLIRT thats worse then me *L* u know it too...juss look @ my GB *LOL*

*~Jr: Thanx for all the times of happiness! Ur a great friend *S* I understand what peeps are goin thro I jut hope u get back on alamak soon so we can talk!

*~Raine: *blows kisses* sweeeety!! *S* the most caring person I have met...well one of them *S*

*~Wishes: Luv u sistah sistah! *hugz* We have been friendz for a very long time and I hope it stays that way..yet I never see ya anymore but we still sis's!

*~greeneggs: The Biggest flirt I know...*giggle* hmmm u call me a flirt when u tha one jumping and tickling peeps?! *L* u need mental help! hehehe

*~Z_Dogg: Z DOGGGGGY DOGGG!!! I hope u will alwayz know..Cats are bettah then dogz and someday we WILL have a big fight against u doggies *L* I bet u will b runnin away with ur tail between ur tailz *L* but get ready for our weddin *blows a kiss* *LOL* Oh yeah...u like ur color?! *L*

*~pawn: *hugz n kissez* Friendz!! *S* Im sad that we missed so much time fighting but now we can find out whats been goin on and stuff...lets just hope we dont fight anymore! *S*

*~Ari_Katt: NCNCNCNCNCNC 4EVAH! awww where did u go?? We still weirdos and I hope u get ur lil kitty tail back to alamak soon!

*~Iggy: Still the weirdo he iz *L* hmmmm...Iggy roll down da hill and go SPLAT! *L* I luv dat song! hehehe

*~Jeron: *HUGZZZZZ* New OP! tsk tsk..u would b tha last person I would think to have OPs *L* well...besides Scroomy but ur a good OP and im surprised *L*

*~AILEYCAT: MEMEMEMEOWOWOWOW hehehe...long time no see cuz! But I still luv ya...ur da first kitty I met on alamak then came TILEY cuz. Im da 3rd generation cat *L* Congratz on da wedding..I hope ur happy *S*

*~Simba: ROOOOAAAAARRRRR hehe..u may b Simba but ur not my JTT *L*

*~FRANK: MR_CACACACACA!! Loadz of luv for ya!!! *S* Now ur tha bro I REALLY gotta thank! We have been thro soooo much and we both came out fine! I like helpin ya and thanx for helpin me out thro probz! Ur a good listener and thanx for listening *S* I oweu lots and I hope u get back to alamak soon!

*~Irina20: *HUGE KITTY HUGZ* Awwwww you my special sis and sorry I 4gotz ya cause your my sis wid da nicks...hmmmm now we can go shopping together sometime! heheh...Pick up da chamagne and we go out on a girlz night! heheh...Lots of luv sistah sistah!! From:Kristy! hehe

*~bonkers: *hugs n kisses* Hey broy! Wassup?? *S* Luv ya! Ur really funny...baby funkycat *LOL* don't b stealin mah nicks no more young man or else I'll beat ya *L*

*~Sass: sissy sissy sissy! One of my fave cuzzys!! *scratches playfully* hehehe SASSAMABOOBOO!! *giggle* SASSAFUNK! hehehe ur Da BOMB sistah! U are very funny and u know u rawk sis! hehehe we're both gifted! *giggles* Thanx for helpin me out sis..I owe ya! *beatz her like a 5 headed banana* *L* Sis..u knowz u da coolesy and u da fave fave *HUGZ* Thanx for everything...I still luv doze stalkers! hehehe...we're da onez alwayz gettin picked on wid em *L* but they juss luv uz! Am I still FUNKADOODLE and FUNKINSTINE??? heheh...cute! *L* Im glad ya camez back from all doze dayz cause u left...BAD KITTY! hehehe...Luv ur homepage *S*...u da bomb sistah, wuv ya sooooo much ur lyke da realz sistah me neverz had *sniff* I dunno what to say...ur juss tha best! We share secwetz and have sumber alamak partyz heheheh...im glad u me back to alamak.I'll help ya out whenever u needz it...we juss gotz to get PoloDyke outta alamak,that scum *L*..also,im gonna fynd u da bestest lookin guy on alamak...well..the second best hehehehe..*S* OOOOO and u member CUTE BEATCH?? *L* shez scawy mean and rude but she neverz @ alamak no morez n-e-wayz thank god! hmmm...what to do what to do?? Flood ur GB?? *eg* yup heheh..Luv ya the most sissy! See ya in HC!

*~CUPPYCAKE: awww sure a sweet sistah *S* Luv ya!U have always been a true friend tome and ur funny! I still remember u az lil julia! eheheh...but I luv da new nick! *S* Thanx for bein mah sis!

*~Kimmy: Hey sissy! *S* Im not sure if I put ya and I didnt wanna forget about one of my true friends there either *S* Ur such a nice friend and I hope we get to chat more *HUGE HUGZ*

*~Champagne: heeeeeey sis! Gotz luv for u too! *HUGE HUGS* I hope we can chat again soon! See ya on HC *S*

*~SOCCERGOD: OMIGOD...hehehe Da GRIN boy!! Hmmm...do U like botherin me or sumptin?? Ur da one who slept wid donkeys *L*...well..even tho u did ur still cool! Cause u wouldnt b cool unless u were my friend *L*...luv ya bro!

*~Steve_Austin: My secwet lover! hehehe...u still got da c-condomz? *LOL*...naaah! But he'z sweet *S*...even tho he never getz hiz lazy ass on alamak anymore but hez still dat sexy boy he waz *pinchez his cheeks* huh?? *giggles*..hmmm maybe I should teach u a lesson *eg* *kisses*

*~Jazzbunny: *hop hop* hehehe...u kewl girl and I hope u take care! *S* ur real nice!!

*~ixoye: now thiz iz da girl dat haz da brainz *S*....Ur smart sis and thank u soooo much on that hackin thing! heheh...I hated dat! Ur kewl too!! *HUGE HUGZ N SIS-KISS*

*~Kandisis: damn girl where the hell u been? Its not the same wid out ya sis...u and the whole TULS club! hehehe...well u bettah get back soon cause u kick ass sistah! *HUGE HUGZ*

*~tcal: widdle sis dat iz hella kewl! U nice and sweet sis...stay dat way! Im glad to alwayz help ya out when ya need it..oooo and u know wid..hehe *wink* Luv ya to death!

*~VampyreGoddess: Ur another TULS club sis dat left da gang =o( still gotz luv for ya sis and u bettah return...we had lots of fun in da old dayz! Ur dat sexy sistah of myne and get ur vampire teeth back here more often..k sissy?? hehehe *HUGE TULS HUGGERZ*

*~PARTYGiRL: *HUGE HUGZZZZZZ 4 da cwazy sis* where the hell r u?! *L* taken another vacation?? Next time u do..bring me...but make sure im not in one of those kitty carry bagz! hehehe...juss hide me..im small *L* MeOw...

*~Beatz: The crazy one wid da sick mind...hmmm..mating season iz all year round tho..*wink wink* heheh..u still sweet tho and stay that way! *S* *KOTC*

*~MacDaddy: Heeeeey whats up? *S* I still see ya around once and a great while but not much....get ur ass back here *S*...its not the same without the whole gang here and ur one of them that are missed *S* Miss ya lots *hugz n kissez*

*~JINN: Ur one of the sweetest guys I know..on the internet and irl..(even tho I dont know u irl) *L*..but u do seem like a nice and caring guy and im really glad we're friendz...U have helped me thro alot of thingz I waz goin thro and im glad I get to help u out too! *S* Alomost like bestfriendz here...maybe u should come more often cause I also miss u too *S*..we have known each other for a hella long time..u are also an oldie here @ alamak,same as me! *S*...now whoz da funkiest around? *S* U alwayz make me happy!! Luv ya lots! *hugz n kissez* PS..secrets are alwayz kept with friendship...*S*

*~Regency: hey sistah sistah sistah!! *HUGE HUGZ* hmm..how's Chuck? *L*...Ed iz fine but hez sick wid da flu and still haz a crush on Chucky hehehe...hmmm juss imagine...them married *LOL*...He even took nakey pics of Chucky *LOLOLOL*...we should have a weddin for em sometime whenever u get ur lazy chicken back to HC! AHHHHH AND U EVEN MISSED FLOODIN ME ON MY B-DAY! =o( *sniff* hehehe j/k ....luv ya lots sis and u know ya rawk!

*~Spiderqueen: SIS U DA BIGGEST HUGEST SUPER MONSTER BOMB OF BOMBZ RAWKIEST SISTAH* hehehe juss like we use to say in da old dayz...even tho u still cool! *S*...MMMEEOOOOWWW..*gets out a spider custume* heheh...me iz Funkspider *L*...ur month iz comin up "Halloween" *L* u gonna scare everyone and e gonna have some sider *L* (sp) Ok sis luz ya!! *hugzzzzzzz*

*~Angelica: Heeeeey sis sis sis TULS 4evah!! Da old dayz...we use ta rawk girly..ya remember? *S* *HUGZZZZZ*

*~RobbyZ: *LOLOLOL* I juss had to put ya in this color and I dont have a brain that I cant even remember if I already have u in this! hehe...but juss incase I dont wanna 4got my own son! heheh...oooo b a good boy or I'll get gramma after ya *wink* *LOL* Im gonna make u feed her and change her diapers etc! *LMTO*...but ur alwayz my lil Gertrude *L* Lotz of luv!

*~BaBeeGuRL: SISSTTTAAAHHHH!!! *HUGE SIS LIX* hehehehe wuv ya to death! Damnz... been on alamak qute a while too! hehehe Sweetie3! *S* I hope u and Nate stay together for a loooong tyme cause u guyz im sure will getz married and me wil b da flower kitten! hehehe...luv ya to death!

*~FUNKYKITTY: My NEWEST sistah/cuzzy to tha hackchat clan! hehehe wuv ya too...such a cutie sissy u arez! *S*Im glad u chose alamak az ur home!! MMEEEOOOWWW!! *huggies*

Ok peeps these are not in order and if I forgot you im sorry! Just tell me *S* I also put some of you on there more then once!! It was a mistke! Sorry! Luv for all! *hugz* MMMMMMEEEEOOOOWWWW

Email: funkycat@webtv.net