This page is dedicated to my one and only IRL friends who I see everyday from talking on the phone till passing notes in class. Now These people could rawk this kittens World!! MEOOOW!!

Kristi Parker: love yah girl ur one of my bestfriends ever since 6th grade you always be there for me. I remember the days of drawing pics of our teachers and them accidently finding them. Whooppss but you always have a smile on my face and I can ALWAYS say this is the girl I got my weirdness from!! *LOL* Mr Bean/Austin Power Luvaz 4eva girlyy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jessica Muarry (Barkey) WOOOHOOOO MEOWOOF! hahahh most of you alamakians know this pup as my neighbor the pup of all puppys Luv yah girl and dont be taking those dares if ur gonna hafta B dared to go out with you-know-whoooo haha

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shannon(SHENANA) Now this is like my best best best friend and she kicks ass! I can talk to her about anything and she likes nasty detail on what happens *LOL* but thats only for us to know haha..well anyway we didnt meet too long ago and clicked like that 'cause shes a hella funny chica and daaaamn Mark-CrayZeeeeeeee!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jon: *HUUUUGGE HUGS* We're like in every single class together just getting in trouble an foolin *LOL* But you also save me from John Shnott uuugghhhhh heheh thanks *S* and slap Nick for me aight? *L*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Elise K(Elliott): LLEEESSSEEYYYYYYYY ELLLLLIIOOTTTTTT!!I know your jealish of me in all ways 'cause of the pics an all *LOL* j/j I give all my props an thanks to you for saving my butt that day from Justin Y. and the MATH!! eheh NICCKKKKKKKKK

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kim(Kimarcia): KIMMMMARCIAAAA OMIGOD I cant believe we even started that dorky thing *LOL* but my name isnt Kirby or Jan either *L* heheh but I know your going through alot of pain right now through Nick hahahha so I'll be nice *L* we rawk!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Adrian(Al): ALLLLLL!!! Now Al be good or else I'll sick Elliott on you haha damn you know you kick ass and your a goody goody (like me of course *LOL*) but Kimarcia will straightin ya out! hehe =o)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Amanda: We are like best friends almost and had the BEST week off from school meeting thats guy that stopped by in the wheelchair with no legs *LOL* or even the guy in the blue coat that was following us heheh..but I think the best was when we were in the car and couldnt control the music an it suddenly played "Like A Virgin" REALLY loud and every1 was looking at us *LOLOL* just wait...heh *S*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ashley (ASHCAT): I showed you to mah palace in alamak and what thanks to I get..geez *LOL* Just kidding sistah im sooo happy for you and Tom but even though I set you guys up I STILL think you could do better without him. As it is always your choice but Im still here for whatever u choose. BestFriends4eva!! *S*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sean: Seantellll hahahah love you boy your always the kewlest guy in classes and the only one to make me crack up at your stupid jokes *L* But we DID have fun in the beginning and "going out" when we were younger *L* But Now our friendship has grown.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sandra(Skank Whore): I STILL bet ya by the time your 21 your gonna be the biggest skanky whore on the streets *LOL* just kidding sis but goddamn you an me just walking down those streets and seeing "Scotty Potty" down there too Jeffy too See yah around sis

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Brandi(PIMPTRESS): I SWEAR ta god ur one of my fave girlys to chat with ur always there for me and our "language" to say in front of the grown-ups when we dont want them understand *L* We've been there thru thick an thin..even when u tried beating me up in 3rd grade *sighs* hahahah *LOL* Miss yah girl an move baaack

~~~~~~~~~Jason: OHHHHHH Now this is what all this kitten needs *droooool* hehehe...your a blast to be around and to skip classes with *innocent look* and I loved your midnight stories *wink* heh..your a real sweetheart and I love ya *S* Im sorry we got caught having "sex" during class..I miss that *LOL* MMMM chocolate syrup *grin* *LMAO*

~~~~~~~~Jimmy C: I missss yoou sooo much boy why dont you give me anymore calls?!? Sheesh haha but I guess its 'cuz my phone dont ring when im here *L* But it wuz fun while it lasted our dating days and "Titanic" movie hehehe

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ana (Woody): WOOOOODDYYYY DIIILLDDDOOOOO!! *LOL* We been picking on each other as friends since grade school and still at it. Dontcha miss the olden days when the teachers thought we were shy? *LOL* Ms. Minsky was like "Oh deeear I thought u guys were shy!" *LOLOL* Miss ya girly and better get the same classes as me next time

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jen(Jennay): The BIGGEST AJ fan of the Backstreet Boys OMIGOD U guys should see her room *LOL* Girly I hope you have my classes next year again 'cuz if not im gonna miss ur blabbering and fighting with Serena hahah the day she goes "Do U talk about me behind my back,Jen?" and u go "Not all the time" *ROTFL* or how 'bout running to our seats an see who gets it? *L* Goddamn I miss ya sis

~~~~~~~~~~~~Theresa(Reese): Ur my bestfriend @ shopping and u already know that. WARNING: NEVER EVER go to the mall with us *LOL* Its baaad haha

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mary(Princess Harry Larry): PRINCESS HARRY LARRY **CURTSYS** well peeps if ya'all reading this I bet ur like "what the hell?!" Well I rhymed her name one time and got Harry Larry then Princess 'cuz shes just so "innocent" *LOL* Dont mind all of us we're just craZee *L*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Matt: Ever since 4th grade we been friends and I just miss ya these days 'cuz we neva end up having same classes..must B 'cuz we're different (thank the lord *LMAO*) But I admit.. I do miss ya and wont say it again Mattiline *L*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jeff H(Bald Eagle): WOOOHOOOO I LOVE U MAN! *LOL* This guy is a MAJOR sweetie...He comes over EVERY weekend just to see me too *S* ~feels special~ Your one of my bestfriends an thanks for everything..just DONT bring over anymore damn girls 'cuz I dont wanna see them. Stay away from Mark's showplace *L*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nick S(Throw Rug): "NICK"OTINEEEEEE *SMOOOCHIES* Luv ya boy and ur such a sweetie you,Matt and Sean always being there when I need you guys *S**S**S* Thanks so much..heey dont I still owe you 25 for that time I called Corey when we went to the dance?! *LMAO* Sorry 'bout that! Oh yeah...and KIMARCIA SAYS NO!! *L*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Saren: Her and I have known each other since 4th grade and we've always been friends but once we got older we didnt hang out as much because she was considered a "bad" kid as I am now but she was MUCH worse doing drugs and such.Just recently she has changed because she met the man of her dreams and she deserves it. She loves him so now shes a better person,yet we both still walk outta school together *laffs*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mike(Golden Dildo Prince):Who couldnt love you with ur weird smile and flirty personality?! *L* I miss not seeing ya much anymore 'cuz you moved even FARTHER away ugh sick of u *LOL* Naah Jessica and I are always thinking of you and the times on the bus with the bananas *LMAO* *sits on ur lap* *wink* *LOL* Luv yah boy!

WOOHOOOO and "Arthur" (Arlyn) for naming me sped (special ed) *laffs* he's ed and im special hahaha had a nice time at the mall and goddamn CALL me *laffs* annnndd Leo the sweet guy I talk to in class who named me Gentle Jesus for me "gentle" ways *LOL* love your wallet *laff*

Those were my bestfriends..below are some more IRL friends I still love yah too! *L* David,Jimmy F,Megan B,Theresa M,Amy Y,Blythe (Bly),Rose,Steph (Stephie),Kim K,Richard F,Scott W,RyiSHia M,Will C,Jessica T,Michelle G,Corey H,Shawna A,Scott M,Cindy L,Eric C,Forest W,Tatum F,Jeff you guys~~~~ *smooooochies*