~Facts on FUNKY~

SOOOOOooooo.....U wanna know bout me eh? heheh...well theres alot more to me then ya know..there are alot of secrets beholdin' this kitten..and I'd share it...IF u keep it secret *devilish grin* hehe...well im 17....YES 17..what?!? wait a sec..17 for sucha kitten like me? yep... heh Im also a HackChatCat from all the way Northern USA into Portland,Maine...I have a pics too..but im also gettin a new one soon..so hold onto ur knickers (Aussie lang.. even though I ain't there lol) and I'll get em soon! heheh..The next place you'll see is some pics of my purrfectself (yeah right *laffs*) of what this kitten likes to do for fun..and a lil more hehe..


Yep...u see that pic? That was taken November 30th 2001 (my b-day last year) hehe..was pooped after my partyin' heheh...

As you know...I NEVA sleep..but I do like to blade,hang with friends,listen to music,swim,go to the movies and last but not least...CHAT..thats what this kitten lovveesss heheh..all my alamaker buds!!

Hmmm..what groups of music? I like mosty Rap and R&B like Ma$e... (droool worthy hehe) Dru Hill,MARIAH CAREY,JA RULE, Puffy,2Pac,Kci N Jojo,Brandy,TLC,Boyz2Men..etc!!

Fave movies? Id have to say Scream 1,2 and 3,anything with JTT in it...annnndd n-e-thing scary or funny hehe..like Bean..and Austin Powers *L* also loving Here On Earth and anything with Miss Julia Roberts in it! Also I love LEGALLY BLONDE!! :)


awww how cute!! hehe...Me an Sass all rumped up together...hhehee..BUT..shes always stealing the scene..this is my show..HEY *L* oh well...just cant resist mah fave Sass huh? *giggles* hmmm... *pushes Sass in the shoe*


I guess their are alot of things I love..like my alamak friends..like Sass..etc!! But theres one thing that I really love..and thats animals..thats probably why im that wrestless kitten on hackchat/server1 heheh...I have 1 dog named Rusty (Irish setter/black lab mix) I've always wanted a collie though...my fave kinda dogs..almost like Lassie *L* I also have 2 cats Bebe Kitten and Little Kittyness,1 bird and some fish...I use to have over like...20 cats but that was a long time ago...heheh..I really miss my Pittbull/Rottweiler mix...he was the best dogg ever...and still is... *sniffle* heh...but as u can tell...I like dogs betta then cats..but thats our lil secwet..K? *L* You can read all about my Pets on my page with pics! :o)The Collie: WANT TO SEE MY IN KITTY STYLE? GO TO MY PHOTO ALBUM! :)