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TWA Flight 800: "The ONLY Truth"
References and Sources

References for Witness Reports and the CIA Video:
  1. The Unusual Secrecy Surrounding the Witness Reports
  2. NTSB 'Altitude' Adjustments
  3. The Simulation Of Flight 800.

References for Flight Data Recorder readings indicate EXTERNAL explosion:
  1. The Smoking Gun! The Flight Data Record
  2. Pilots find evidence of TWA 800 missile
  3. Analysis of TWA FL800 Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
  4. Data disappears from NTSB Website
    TWA 800 Case Files Newsletter April 1998
    Scroll down to Three: Be the First Person to Collect
    All Versions of the NTSB Investigation!

  5. Flight Data Recorder Provides Absolute Proof of Weapon Airburst
    Page 24, paragraph 11 of the Donaldson Report

References for Jet Fuel:
  1. Properties of the Fuel & NTSB Propaganda
    Page 8, paragraph 3 of the Donaldson Report
  2. Big Problems with the Government's Theory
  3. Krok's "Spark"

References for Explosive Residue/Bomb Dog:
  1. FBI finds possible bomb residue on TWA wreckage
  2. Probers Kept in Dark: Trace find was news to some investigators
  3. Traces of explosive found on TWA crash debris
  4. NTSB out of the loop... Well not exactly...
  5. Source: Traces of 2nd explosive found in TWA debris
  6. Lineup of the Explosive Residue with the photos.
  7. Two for the price of one. Bomb dog and troops in same article!
    Training drill possible source of TWA explosives residue
  8. Test explosives set back TWA bomb theories
  9. NTSB: Revamp Training of Bomb Dogs
  10. Now it looks like the Bomb Dog Exercise was not even on the TWA 800 aircraft!
    Was TWA Aircraft #17119 Part of an Explosives-detection Exercise on June 10, 1996?

References for Wreckage hosed off:
  1. Popular Science article: Flight 800: Anatomy of an Investigation By Gary Stoller
    From the article quoted at
    "As I peer through binoculars, a man wearing camouflage clothing...turns on a water hose and fires away at the wreckage. For several minutes, he directs a steady, forceful stream of water at one section. I'm stunned by the sight. Couldn't the water wash away explosive residue that might be critical evidence?"
  2. “A significant amount of debris was pressure-washed by NTSB personnel when it was brought ashore prior to chemical screening for explosive residue at the Calverton hanger by FBI agents.”.
    Page 35, paragraph 5 of the Donaldson Report

References for Red Residue:
  1. The Red Residue of TWA Flight 800: A Brief Description and the Scientific Paper-trail
  2. The Red Residue: Obtained by James Sanders
  3. Synopsis of Government Statements (regarding Red Residue)
  4. Investigation of Red Residue and other Explosive Residues
  5. The Red Residue.

Reference for seat covers thrown in trash:
  1. Focusing on FBI in TWA Probe
    Imbedded in this May 11, 1999 article is:
    "Witnesses complained FBI agents with no connection to the investigation got into the Calverton hangar where the plane wreckage was being reassembled and that seat covers were mistakenly put in the trash."
    The article does not mention whether the seat covers were covered by red residue.

References for Glitter/Shrapnel:
  1. Six months later, still no answer to TWA Flight 800 mystery
    imbedded in this article is:
    "FBI agents were here and standing with us while we were doing the autopsies and taking the shrapnel that we found," said Dr. Charles Wetli of the Suffolk County Medical Examiner. "Virtually all of the bodies had shrapnel.""
  2. A Grim Find
  3. More Evidence Disappears
  4. Shrapnel Evidence
    Page 25 of the Donaldson Report

References for Cockpit Voice Recorder:
  1. The 105MS Loud Sound
    Page 24, paragraph 5 of the Donaldson Report
  2. Exhibit 8 - The 105 Millisecond Loud Sound on the Cockpit Voice Recorder
    Page 49 of the Donaldson Report
    and Page 50

References for Nitrates/Cigarrette Residue:
  1. Lab Tests Showing Nitrates on Key Parts
  2. No need to test it.
    “We now have a plausible explanation for the nitrates,
    it was cigarette smoke residue from air-conditioning ducts”.
    Page 34, paragraph 5 of the Donaldson Report
  3. Putting Things to Bed

References for Radar "ghost" image:
  1. It's a blip.
    FAA won't dismiss missile theory't_dismiss.html
  2. It might be a plane.
    FBI official: TWA radar image may have been a plane
  3. It IS a plane.
    FBI: Radar blip at time of TWA crash was Navy plane, not missile
  4. No it's really a ghost.
    FBI Press Release - November 18, 1997
    "SALINGER'S MISSILE The SPLITT (GHOSTING) from the Russell tape IS FROM JET EXPRESS 18. Analysis by experts determined that the OBJECT WAS NOT A MISSILE, since it was positively identified. Object was a Ghost of Jet Express 18 which was at a different location."

References for 30 knot track:
  1. The Unidentified Ships Near the TWA 800 Explosion
  2. Two years later, Flight 800 crash questions remain
    "NTSB spokeswoman Shelly Hazle says the NTSB has no idea of the ships' identities and isn't concerned because that's the FBI's territory. FBI spokesman Joe Valiquette says he doesn't know anything about the ships…"
  3. TWA Flight 800 Analysts Say FBI is Intentionally Obstructing Justice
  4. Who could identify the 30 knot track?
    Was "ADAK" a Crucial Eyewitness?

References for Krieger photo:
  1. Krieger Comparison
  2. Eyewitness to the Crash of TWA 800, by Heidi Krieger
  3. FBI Press Release - November 18, 1997
    "C. HEIDI KRIEGER PHOTOGRAPH (STREAK IN SKY) Negative was sent to FBIHQ for analysis, which determined that there was DEBRIS ON THE FILM SURFACE."

References for Kabot photo:
  1. Kabot Photo
  2. FBI Press Release - November 18, 1997
    "B. THE LINDA KABOT PHOTO The photo taken by Kabot depicts a bearing of north/northeast. TWA Flight 800 was south/southwest almost directly behind her. Photograph analyzed by CIA National Imagery and Mapping Administration (NIMA) advised that 1. THERE IS OBJECT IN PHOTO 2. OBJECT IS NOT A MISSILE 3. OBJECT APPEARS TO BE AN AIRCRAFT Not possible to ID aircraft because: - Not possible to determine distance of object from camera. - Exact time of photo unknown. (time frame only is known) - Insufficient detail in photo to determine type of aircraft. 4. OBJECT IS NOT A DRONE - No drone exercises conducted near Long Island July 17, 1996"

References for Debris Field Anomolies:
  1. NTSB officials deliberately falsified this evidence by changing the database to reflect the seats as being found in the Green Zone.
    Page 20, paragraph 11 of the Donaldson Report
  2. NTSB at Baltiore: A Non-sequitur?
  3. Putting Things to Bed
  4. NTSB's James Wildey in testimony at the Baltimore Public Hearing Monday, December 8, 1997 Transcript (791K) Page 184 line 12:
    "I think, if I remember our report, we said we believed that those particular pieces should be treated as yellow zone parts because we don’t find any way that they could possibly have come off the airplane early in the sequence and actually have been found in the red debris field."

References for Nose Gear Doors:
  1. Nose gear doors baffle TWA crash investigators
  2. The Damaged Nose gear
  3. Debris Damage Patterns Nose Gear Doors
    Page 18, paragraph 3 of the Donaldson Report

References for Military Exercises:
  1. Flight skirted restricted area
  2. Submarines Off Long Island Surface
  3. TWA Probe: Submarines Off LI
  4. THE NAVY SHUFFLE from TWA 800 Missile Theory Stronger Than Ever
  5. Conflicting statements about surface vessels
    by FBI Deputy Directors James Kallstrom and Lewis Schiliro.
  6. "Navy vessels on classified maneuvers"
  7. The Unidentified Ships Near the TWA 800 Explosion

Reference for Eye Witness Prohibition prior to the Baltimore Public Hearing:
  1. Some things should not be discussed in public!
    Text of Letter from (the FBI's) James Kallstrom to (NTSB Chairman) James Hall
    From the letter:
    Set forth below are the specific parts of the hearing, which we object...

    3. Presentation CIA Video…
    4. Review of Witness Statements Panel…
    5. Investigation For Missile/warhead Impact
    6. e.,f.,g. Bombs/Explosives; Residue Examination (exhibit 20I); PETN Findings j, k. Small Explosive Charges

References for Confiscation of Evidence and the James Sanders Trial:
  1. FBI accused of intimidation in probe
  2. FBI Seizes TWA 800 Radar Image Tape
  3. The attack against James Sanders
  4. The "Other Verdict" in the James Sanders Trial

References for Divers Restricted:
  1. POLICE MAGAZINE: TWA Flight 800 - One year Later Cause Of Tragedy Still Not Known.
    By Kevin Gallagher, Vol.21, No.7, July 1997, pages 18-24.
    From the article quoted at TWA 800 Cover-up Motive & Opportunity:
    "Kevin Gallagher, with the New York Police Department Scuba Team, which was involved in the TWA 800 crash recovery, wrote an article in Police Magazine [2] wherein he reveals that within hours after the crash the Navy took control of the recovery operation, prohibiting all non-Navy divers from diving for four days after the crash. In James Sanders's book [3] an AP photo even shows the Coast Guard escorting NYPD units away from the area. The reason given for the prohibition was that "the Navy wanted to locate as many bottom targets as possible." Gallagher also reveals in his article that during that 4-day prohibition on diving by all non-Navy divers, only divers from Navy Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) were allowed to dive."
  2. Page 30 from the Donaldson Report
    Page 30, paragraph 10 of the Donaldson Report
    "The pingers from the Flight Data Recorder and the Cockpit Voice Recorder were heard the night of the crash. By the next day the pingers suddenly stopped. They were not recovered for another 7 days."
  3. Were the black boxes recovered earlier than we have been told?
  4. Removal of Evidence by the Navy and FBI

Reference for Executive Order 13039:
  1. President Clinton's Executive Order 13039

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