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How to "Cut-and-Paste"

Many people are not aware of a very simple and useful tool built into every computer using any version of Windows.

"Cut and Paste" is a way to copy text to an "invisible clip board" and "paste" it into another program. It saves you from having to type a lot of text.

How to "Cut and Paste".

  1. Move the mouse cursor to the beginning of any text you see. (For example, try it on this sentence)
  2. Click your left mouse button and hold it down.
  3. Move it across the text to the end of the sentence or paragraph. (The text should be highlighted)
  4. With your cursor touching the text, click your right mouse button
  5. Click on "Copy"
  6. Now go to your email program.
  7. Click your right mouse button
  8. Click on "Paste"
  9. Congratulations!...your previously copied text drops into your email message.

That's all you need to do!