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Slim n Sexy's Tribute To Kevin Sorbo (Hercules)!

Who is Kevin Sorbo

The rugged handsome actor was born on September 24, 1958 in Mound, Minnesota. Before his parents retired, his father taught at the local junior high and his mother was a nurse. He was the forth of five children. Kevin is 6'3", 215 lb. With long brown hair and bright blue eyes. He had decided at the age of eleven when his parents took him to see the musical Oklahoma, that acting was the profession for him. Kevin loves sports, but his favorite of all is Basketball. He studied at the University of Minnesota (marketing and advertising) and left there in 1981 to begin his career in acting. At age 24 while working with a stage troupe, taking acting classes and shooting commercials, Kevin fell in love with a model in downtown Dallas. He went everywhere with her and put aside his career. Over 3 years later He reached a point where he decided to go back to acting. His first dramatic part was in Dallas in 1986. Then he did Santa Barbara, and also a part in the HBO’s football comedy First and Ten. Kevin's main income was his commercials, which there were over 150 of them anywhere from Diet Coke to Prell Shampoo. Outside of U.S. he was famous for his Jim beam Commercials. During the early nineties he appeared in episodes of Murder She Wrote and The Commish. Then he won a lead role in a TV pilot for NBC called Critical Condition. There was also another TV series called Aspen, which also crashed before it became a series. He tried getting the role in Superman in ABC’s Lois and Clark, but lost second to best. Kevin also missed starring roles on two groundbreaking shows, The X-Files on Fox and NYPD Blue on ABC. Then of course next cameHercules the legendary Journeys. He was shooting an episode of The Commish which by the way it was on his birthday he found out that he had one the starring role of Hercules. So next step was preparing for the role. He took martial art training. He works out for ninety minutes a day after his twelve hour day on the set and then runs in the evening to build endurance. On occasion he finds time for a swim or a game of basketball. He takes pride in literally plunging into his show’s action scenes. Of course we all know how well Hercules took off. Next was he won the starring role in Kull the Conqueror, which was a 35 million dollar fantasy-action film. Kevin remains loyal to Hercules, but who knows what the future may bring?!?!?

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Legendary Facts:

1. According to Greek myth, Deianera was the name of Hercules’ second wife.
2. In Greek myth, Hercules accidentally killed his first wife and their children while in a fit of madness caused by Hera. His second wife killed herself after she was tricked by the centaur Nessus into giving Hercules a poisoned cloak.
3. Steve Reeves, the original Hercules, was Mr.Universe in 1950.
4. The new Hercules was born over dinner at Musso & Frank, a well known Hollywood restaurant.
5. Hercules accompanies Iolaus to Bethlehem, where Iolaus apparently witnesses the birth of Jesus. Jesus was born around 4 BC (after adjustments to the calendar).
6. French look-alikes of Hercules, Iolaus and Salmoneus fight for "liberty, equality and fraternity," the principles behind the French Revolution. The French Revolution succeeded in 1789. Records of Hercules’ participation remain sketchy.

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