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Real Name
Mark Calloway
WWF Debut
Survivior Series 1990 w/ Brother Love
Other Alias
Mean Mark Calous (NWA), 
The Punisher Dice Morgan (New Japan),
       Master of Pain (Memphis),
Texas Red, 
The Skyscrapers w/Dan Spivey (NWA)
The Phenom, The Man From the Darkside, the Lord of Darkness, Dead Man
March 24, 1962
Tombstone Piledriver
6'10 1/2
Was in Suburban Commando and acted as one of the bounty hunters. 
Titles Held
Held WWF Title 2x
Won first title against Hulk Hogan on 11/27/91
      Lost title against Hulk Hogan on 12/03/91

Won second title against Psycho Sid on 3/23/97
      Lost title against Bret Hart on 8/23/97

Tag Team Champ with Steve Austin
July 98 INY

USWA Unified World

USWA Texas Heavyweight

Rest in Peace


"You Can Go To Hell"

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