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"When we fall, earth will die, sun will set, and moon will shine,
              and the only image will be the Raven's shadow in your eyes. So it is
written, so it shall come to pass."
"Quote The Raven...  Nevermore"

Birth Date
September 8, 1962
Real Name
Scott Levy
Short Hills, New Jersey
Signature Moves
Drop Toe Hold on to chair, EvenFlow

Title History
ECW World Title (twice), ECW Tag Team Titles
         (twice w/Stevie Richards), WCW US Heavyweight Title
Former Identities
 Scotty Flamingo, Scotty the body, Johnny Polo
sounds credit goes to The Raven's Nest
Quote The Raven Nevermore
Words For Benoit
How he feels about DDP
Words for Benoit and DDP
and so it is written..
Why other kids didn't play
Raven Pics
A little Bloody
The U.S. Heavyweight Champ
Taking a seat 
Sitting in the crowd
Leaving the crowd
Icp shirt on smiling
Smiling again?
In the crowd
ECW champ
more to come....
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