Here you go, Will:

4th Quarter Book Report

For your last book report you will create a diorama of a scene from your novel. In the past nine years of your school career you have probably created a number of dioramas, or scenes in a box, but this one is to be the most creative, most detailed, most interesting, most beautiful, and best constructed one you've ever done. Get your creative juices flowing and start early.

You should begin by making detailed plans. Brainsotm a list of possible scenes from your novel. Then do some serious evaluation. Consider if the scene you've chosen is an important one in the novel. Would this scene entice someone to read the novel? Some of the other things to consider:

a. Will it be an indoors or outdoors scene?

b. Do you have, can you purchase, ore are you capable of making miniature people and/or animals? If your answer to each of these is, "No," then where or to whom can you go to solve this problem? Or can you find another way to show a scene without people?

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