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Irish Dancing...

Hello there!This page is devoted to one of my biggest loves "Irish dancing"! I don't mean to offend anybody by what I say,but by all means if you feel I have you can surely e-mail me and tell me. : ) This is just the way I see things.

Lord of the dance:

Lord of the dance is a great retelling of Celtic folklore. My favorite dance is "Gypsy,"Gillian Norris dances so beautifully,it's just like she's not even touching the floor! I guess that's kinda the point though. I don't know. Gillian has been dancing for 7 years. She has won titles including the All-Irelands,Great Britain Nationals and 3rd place place in the World championships. WOW!!!!

But don't think I don't like Bernadette Flynn! She's wonderful! She started dancing when she was 5. Miss.Flynn has achieved 6 world titles,and 7 All Irelands!!!!!!!I guess it's no wonder she got the part of Saoirse..... So why don't we give a big round of applause for Miss.Flynn,and Miss.Norris.

All that information came from the LOTD tourbook.

Another Irish dance sensation is Riverdance. Now I don't know much about Riverdance.But go to my friends page in the links and she'll tell you plenty! :)

Okay now more on Irish dancing! In traditional Irish dance dancers move only the lower part of the body. You may have seen otherwise in LOTD and Riverdance.There are two types of Irish dance: Soft shoe,and Hardshoe. I have a pair of ghillies(soft shoes) and they are awesome! Soft shoe,consists of hopping and skipping. You might be sitting there thinking "Yeah sounds like something I wan't to do over my weekend!,"but really it is beautiful!

Hardshoe is where you pound out rythem with taps.

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