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Ming's Home !!!

Hello ! Everybody !!!

Welcome to my homepage!!! 這是小女子的第一個Homepage.所以將來還會有其它東西加入!敬請各方好友繼續支持! Thanks !!!!

Name ~~~ Yan Ming , Ronnie Ng

Birthday ~~~ July,11.1980

Age ~~~ 18

I like .......

Singer & cartoon ~~~ AhiruNoPekkle (He is a cartoon duck. You can see here)

Doraemon (I like this cartoon because it can make me imagine )

Leo Ku (I like his song so much !!!)

Leon Lai (He is the most handsome artiste!!!)

The food ~~~ I like Japanese Food !!! ( because I feel that so healthy)

And also fruit !!! (Mango,Orange,Pineapple.....)

Hobbies ~~~ Sleeping ( heheee....cos I'm lazy......^.^)

Eating (so it make me fat !!! >_<)

Singing (I always go Karaoke !!!)

Listen music (I like Leo and Leon songs)

Colour ~~~ Blue (so I use blue sky to make my web)

Pets ~~~ I just like puppy !!!

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