I think that marijuana should be legalized for all purposes, but our government will not allow this to happen. The reason why is that they would lose to much of their money (Which happens to be the American taxes). If marijuana and hemp were legalized, they would have to let our 100,000+ POW's (prisoners of our drug war) out of prison and that would cause our unemployment percentage to sky rocket. They would have to close down hundreds prisons nation wide. Not to mention how it would affect our economy. Hemp could be used as fuel for our cars, and that would put our oil and gas company's out of business, as well as lower our pollution rates. Right now Scotland is attempting to use Hemp power plants to power over three quarters of it's nation. (By the way, if you have any new information on this, please let me know about it.) There is so much that can be done with marijuana and hemp. It is also a great anti-depressant, pain killer, and best of all, it is ALL natural. Unlike what we are using for medications now such as Valium, and so many other drugs. Millions of people each year die from tobacco and alcohol, and there have been absolutely NO recorded deaths from using marijuana except while attempting to drive or operate heavy machinery. That's my two cents on the subject. I wish that the government would learn that money isn't everything, and listen to it's people.

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