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Heaps of people get STONED every DAY this is yet another page dedicated to the most acceppted Ilegal DRUG


Okay, now we all know the spiritual power of our favorite herb, so please be responsible when you use it. It is meant to used for recreational, spiritual, and medical purposes only, not to hide from whatever problems you may have. Remember, use, but Don't abuse this sacred herb. If you find that you have problems doing this, then please contact help such as Marijuana Anonymous.
Now, sit back, relax, take your time and please enjoy the wonderful sounds of Bob Marley and all the information and pictures that I have provided for you. If you have any new information that you would like to let me know about, please feel free to
contact me and tell me about it.

Got a cool pic of a Bud, Bong, or any weed related goodies or information that I don't have listed here?
I would love to have it! Send images, comments, questions and any cool missing, or broken links to

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HuTsY's McMull

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