Rage Against the Machine was formed in 1991 and is from Los Angeles, California. They are very political and it has influenced their lyrics greatly. After some shows playing live, Rage signed up with Epic and released their self-titled album in November of 1992. Then released their second album "Evil Empire" in 1996. Rage has also contributed a song to the Godzilla soundtrack called "No Shelter" and there's a video for it. Late of 1997, Rage Against the Machine released their home video with a free single (Ghost of Tom Joad). The video is a collection of live performances from their tours. It also shows all the videos uncensored, with a poem written by Zack. You can also see Tom's mom speaking about anti-censorship in the video.

"We've got to regain knowledge again, and we've got to regain an understanding again, of who we are. Not just those chosen to fuel the systems, but individuals who have the power to criticize and analyze and attack injustice when it becomes prevalent and apparent in front of our faces like it is in front of ours right now."--Zack de la Rocha

Zack de la Rocha is vocals. He is Chicano in descent and was born January 12, 1970 in Long Beach, CA. His father Beto de la Rocha, was an artist, a member of the political group the "Los Four" which depicted pictures of the Mexican farmers, and brought up Chicano history. He writes, performs poetry and organizes local shows in addition to his Rage-related activities. Zack went on to play guitar for a band called "Hardstance" and also did vocals, then he formed Inside Out (Click here for their bio) with current members of State of the Nation. They released a record, and then broke up. That's when Rage against the Machine was formed. Since then, Zack has organized college groups, and activists to visit Chiapas, Mexico, with which is heavily involved, and the National Commission for Democracy in Mexico. He has given presentations to high school students, and is currently working on/at a community center in Los Angeles.

"There's so much to be proud of when you're American that's hidden from you. The incredible courage and bravery of the union organizers in the late 1800's and early 1900's-that's amazing." --Tom Morello

Tom Morello is the guitarist. Tom was born May 30, 1964 in New York City. He graduated from Harvard with honors in Political Science. He was into Marxist politics. He was in a band with when he was younger called 'Electric Sheep'. He was in a band called Lock Up, and released an album on Geffen. His mother, Mary Morello, is the founder of Parents for Rock and Rap, and anti-censorship organization. His father was a guerilla in the Mau-Mau uprising that freed Kenya from British rule.

Tim Commerford or Tim Bob he changed his name, he says he's gonna change his name on every album they'll make plays the bass. He is long time friends with Zack; they knew each other since elementary. It was Zack who made him start playing bass. He plays because of the music not about being political, but he calls it a learning experience as well.

Brad Wilk is the drummer. He was born September 5, 1968 in Portland, Oregon. He became involved with Rage through putting an ad in a periodical and Tom responded. He is in the band for the music and is especially politically inclined. Rage Against the Machine is a band that is not afraid to stand up and fight in what they believe in. They spread their message through their music and lyrics that tells fans about the corrupt system. Rage Against the Machine supports issues like:

Rock For Choice
Friends and Family of Mumia Abujamal
Refuse & Resist
The National Commission for Democracy in Mexico, USA (NCDM)
Parents for Rock and Rap

If you like Rage you might also like: Korn, Snot, Deftones, Juster, Downset and Orange 9mm. These bands have share a rap-metal style, but with their own distinct sound. Tool is also popular with rage fans, but they don't sound like them at all. Brad and Tom played "Calling Dr. Love" on the Tribute Kiss album with Maynard James Keenen(Tool) and Billy Gourd(Faith No More) and called themselves the Shanti's Addiction. Maynard also does the "I've got no patience now..." the interlude in Know Your Enemy in their self-titled Cd. Tom and Adam Jones(guitarist, Tool) went to highschool together and played in a garage band called Electric Sheep(Adam plays Bass).

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