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It is estimated that 500,000 to one million children ages four to fourteen are being forced to work making carpets. This practice in Pakistan leaves children exhausted and overworked. At this site, I would like to tell you about the horrors of child labor going on all over the world but mainly in Pakistan. Please read and take a stand for human rights.

Pakistan is a rather poor country. Many families go through a constant struggle everyday just to get enough food for them and their family. Many men of the family work long hours and get little pay for their efforts. Ever time there is an error, even due to natural disasters, they are blamed and their salary is cut or taken away. Late for their rent and low on their food supply, they sell their children to carpet masters who promise them an opportunity for their sons and daughters. After their father makes the deal, they get up and tell their child of their "promising" future. In return for the child, the carpet master pays the father a sum of money over a period of 5 years. Although this money is promised, a father feels lucky to at least get one fourth of the money, as a deal in Pakistan is not worth very much, especially from a wealthy man to a poor man.

The average age of a starting work child is seven years old. Throughout the world there is about 200 million children who are working to produce profit for them and their family. Their living conditions are very poor. They have unsanitary bathrooms and small living spaces with other working children. They are not given an education whatsoever and follow on a path blindly to making carpets and brick, because their father told them too.

Although it may seem as if there is no pros of child labor, much of the world survives on the hard work of children. Over one fourth of Pakistan's work force in factories is children under fourteen. The carpet and brick industry of Pakistan would not be able to survive without all the products that children bring in. In most relatively poor countries like Pakistan, the situation is very similar. Their industry depends on these children producing all the goods they have been for centuries.

The situation in Pakistan is in violation of several human rights listed in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It violates 4 rights listed in the article section of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They are: Article 4 which states that "No one shall be held in slavery or servitude;" This means that the children in the factories are not to be held there by their carpet masters. Article 23 which states in the second part that "Everyone without and discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work." The children should be paid the equal amount that anyone else gets. Article 24 that says "Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay." This violates the rights of these children in two ways. The children are having 1) very very long hours that is exhausting to them and 2) very little rest and leisure without holidays. Article 26 which says that "Everyone has the right to an education." The children in the factories are clearly not getting an education and this should be stopped!

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