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~Aussie Lingo and Sayings Page~

G'day again! On this page I am going to list our language Barriers, and I would be most pleased if any other Aussies reading this has something to add please email me and I will place it on this page, I really need help guys, to make this work! By the way these things are in no particular order, I just place them here as they come to me (laugh). And lets hope they come quick. LOL. Alrighty then, lets get to it!! And also if any of this offends, I apologise now! This is how we say and call things in the Land Down Under...I would like to just Thank a Friend of mine I met on ICQ for sharing some Aussie Slang with me...~smile~ Thankyou Chris, You are a great Aussie !!


Aussie- Australian, Dinky Di Aussie, True Blue.

A wet blanket= Someone who is boring or is a spoilt sport

A Load of Cods whallop= Bullshit, someone speaking shit!

Ant's pants = same as bee's knees
Ants in ya pants = won't sit still
Airy Fairy = something with not a lot of substance to it

'Ave agoodweekend = have a good weekend

Ankle Biter= Child, Little Tacker

Arse about Face= Back to front

Arse over tit= To fall over, to come a cropper

Arthur or Martha= When you don't know who or what you are, confused

Arvo= Afternoon

Aussie Rules= Australian Football

Aerial Ping Pong= Abbreviation for Aussie Rules

Alkie= Someone who drinks alot, an Alcoholic


Bangs like a Dunny Door= Whore, Women who like to have sex with different men

Barbie= A gathering of family and friends get together for a barbie

B.B.Q= A hotplate you cook on at a Barbie..Throw a shrimp on the barbie (laughing)

Bee's knees = really great
"Beats the shit out of me!" = wouldn't have a clue!
Bringing home the Bacon= The money earner of the household
Bun in the oven = pregnant
Buggered = broken or when a person is stuffed or had a long day

Bung on an act = lose one's temper or someone out for sympathy

Belly full of arms and legs = pregnant
Bacon = police
Better half= Same as other half

Bingle = A car accident

Bludge = doing as little as possible, when you should be working

boomer= Kangaroo

Bugger me dead = exclamation of amazement

Bullamankanka= any remote, backward place

Billy Lids= Kids as well

Blood and Blister= Sister

Bob's Your Uncle= No worries Mate, She;ll be right mate

Bread Winner= The money earner of the family

Bringing Home the Bacon= The money earner as well

Brown Nosing= Sucking up to the boss

Buggered if i know= Don't know, have no idea

Billabong= Watering Hole

Blind Mullet= When someone is under the influence of Alcohol,Drunk

Bark Hut= Shelter

Bombie= To run up and do a big splash into a swimming pool

By Jingo By Crikey= Expression of shock and surprise


Canuck = Canadian

Cheese and Kisses= Missus, Lady, Wife..

Chew the fat= talkative person, one who can go on and on

Chop short of a Barbie= Same as not the full quid also..

Chuck a spaz attack = lose one's temper or get carried away over nothing

Chuck a mental = Someone really losing their temper, out of control

Crack the shits = chuck a sad
Cling-on = dag
Cool Bananas = Means great, everything is cool..fantastic

Cop you later = farewell or goodbye

Chuck a wobbly= Throwing a tantrum, cracking the shits, spitting it

Chuck a uuuie = do a u-turn in motor vehicle

Crack Pot= Crazy person, madman, lunatic

Crust= Job, to earn the dough, money.

Close shave= Near miss, very close indeed

Cooking with Gas= Getting somewhere, Things working out the way you want

Crack the shits= someone who dose'nt get there own way

Cracking up= laughing and can't stop, losing it

Cuppa= Having a cup of tea

Copa Squat= Sit Down

Cyphon the Python= Male going to have a leek, going to the toilet

Crikey Moses= Shock and disbelief

Curry Muncher= Person of Indian Descent

Cold enough to freeze the Balls of a Brass Monkey= Bloody Freezing


Dad and Dave= Having a shave

Dead Horse= Tomatoe Sauce

Dog & Bone= Telephone

Daylight Saving = putting the clock forward to make it lighter for later in the day

Drop your guts= Someone who has just relieved gases, farted, fluffed, popped

Dag = someone who doesn't dress cool, like a "dork", a term of endearment usually for a humourous friend BUT literal meaning is shit stuck to a sheeps rear end!
Dandy gray russet - colour of a sheeps fart.
Donkey's Years = A long time between anything.
Dead Rat up your ass: When someone's fart is so bad that you can't breathe.
Dingoes breakfast = no breakfast at all

duna= duvet, comforter

Dribble shit= Someone who talks a load of bull..LOL

Dummy= Something a baby sucks on, or it could mean stupid.

Dogs Breakfast= Is when you seen vomit on the ground, its known as this or things are in a shambles

Didgeridoo= Aborignal musical instrument

Don't come the Raw Prawn with me= Don't speak shit!!

Dogs Breath= Someone with Bad Breath



Fag=cigarette,smoke,durry,tailor made,nail in the coffin,a fag is also a gay person

Faggot=This is someone who is gay.

Final straw = Thats it, not taking no more crap, enough is enough
Franger = condom
Freeze the balls of a brass monkey = cold
Froth at the mouth = lose one's temper

Feeling up to shit= Not feeling well, also referred to when one is hungover

Fit as a Malley Bull= Could mean fit or stuffed depending on the situation

Flat out like a lizard drinking= Doing Nothing, slacking it

Fair Crack of the Whip= Enough is enough, Settle down,

Fairdinkum=Is that right, true, real, honest

Fair suck of the sav= Someone replies this to someone that is giving a hard time

Flog the log= Man masturbating

Free Willy= A male not wearing underwear

Friend= mate, cobber, buddy, pal, digger, bosom buddy,

Fender Bender= Someone who is Trendy


G'Day= hello, hi, how ya going

Good-bye= bye, seeya, catch ya, later, toroo, catch ya round like a bad smell

Great galloping goannas = surprise or amazement

Go Drown yourself = Means the same as Jump in the Lake


Have a Growl or a Fang= Something to eat

Heaps/giving heaps =lots/giving trouble

Hit the fart sack= Males say this when they are going to bed

Hit the frog & toad= to get going, leave, go home, to hit the road

Had the ridgey didge = out of order, broken

Hair of the dog = an alcoholic drink taken as a relief first thing of a morning for a hangover

Hammer and Tong : Going real fast when doing anything, such as driving a car.
Handy as tits on a bull= useless
Having a foot in the Grave = A older person

Hit the frog and toad =go on a road trip, leave, time to go home
Hooning = racing around like a mad thing (a regular bat outa hell) eg - hooning around in the car!
Hoo roo = farewell or goodbye

Hokie Pokie= Cells in a Police Station

Honky Dory= Means all is well and Happy.

How much can a Koala Bare= How much can one take

Howzat = WOW - wasn't that a good one??

Humbugging=Bludging of others

Hungover= waking up from a night on the piss

Humpy= Aboriginal shelter


Icing on the cake= Can mean good or bad, bad as in the final straw..and good as in, topping off something good that happened


jocks= menís underwear

Joe Blake= Snake

Joe Bloggs = an unknown name/person
Jump in the Lake = Say this to someone who is giving you the shits


Kangaroo short in the top paddock = same as chop short of a barbie (BBQ)
Knickers = (as in - don't get your knickers in a knot) = underpants (don't get all upset over it)


Land Down Under= Australia

Lemon= Lesbian, a fruit

Lock up= Cells in Police Station as well


Mad as a cut snake= Someone who is'nt scared of a thing

Mad as a Malley Bull= Mad or crazy as

Mad as a Shithouse Rat= Just Plain Crazy

Maggotted= Rolling Drunk, Pissed, Absolutely Blind

Me ole china Plate= Mate

Meat Pie= My eye

Mad as a butchers axe = crazy
Meat wagon = ambulance
My home is my Castle= what nearly every man calls his home


Nackered= Plain stuffed, buggered, tired, had enough of what one is doing

No Worries= Same as well and Happy, and She'll be right means the same to

Nail in the coffin = Doing something more thats bad for you, as in having another smoke

Narky = see stroppy
No need to Cream yourself = Someone refers this to someone when they are carrying on, getting upset for no reason

Non Alcoholic Drink= soft drink, cool drink, fizzy drink

North and South= Mouth

Not the full Quid= Not all there in the head..


On the slops= Someone on the Piss, Beer

Other side of timbucktoo = any remote place

Off ya scone = drunk
Onya = good on you
Off ya tits= Drunk or stoned

Off like the clappers= Going really fast


Pigs= Police

Piss like a shiela= Male putting shit on another Male

Pissed= Drunk,full as a goog, blind, rolling drunk,smashed,plastered, out of it.

Pissing in your pocket= When someone is sucking up to you, wants something

Paddy wagon = police car
Police = boys in blue

pouch of paws n' claws =pregnant

Put on a turn = create a scene

Prang= Accident

Popa Vein= To freak out, carry on a bit..You say to someone who is doing this " Oh come on, don't Popa Vein" LOL


Raincoat = condom
Rare as rocking horse shit = hens teeth = non existent
Ridgey Didge = the real thing, speaking the truth

Roo= kangaroo

Rug Rats= Children, Little tackers


Sanga= Sandwich..

Sheila=girl,women,good sort, and female is known as a sheila

She'll be cool= Again the same as Bob's Your Uncle

Shit hits the fan= trouble, keep away, someone going off, every thing out in the open

Shithouse= toilet, other names that mean the same are,loo,dunny,crapper,throne

Shit the bed in the Morning= When one gets to work early..which for most is strange (laugh)

Sit on the throne= How it is described when going to the toilet

Seeing your best friend = man going for a pee

She'll be right mate = (a form of good old australian apathy)...nothing is a bother

Stone the flamin' crows = exclamation of bewilderment

Strewth = surprise or amazement

She'll be dandy = everything is cool, good

Stumped = Can't think no more, or haven't a clue what someone is talking about you say " well you have me stumped"

Spunky = A sexy guy or sheila

Smells like a dunny door on a prawn trawler= speaks for itself
Shit a brick = exclamtion of stress
Shit faced = drunk
Slug = lay around and do nothing
Smell the bacon = the cops are here
Stress out = get uptight
Stress head = some one who is uptight
Stroppy = cranky, irate, narky
Sky Rocket= Pocket

Slug= Mans penis, snail without a shell..

Sour Pop= Lesbian also

Spit the dummy= same as Chucking a wobbly

stuffed =tired, screwed up, had enough of.

Sultana Bran = Raisan Bran

Snagger or Snag = Sausage..

Specs=sunglasses, sunny's, shades

Steak and Kidney= Sydney, Australia.

Strangle a python= Male describing himself going to the toilet

Stubbie short of a sixpack= Same as not the full quid..A bit thick.

Shafted= When someone has a lend of you

Squizzy Taylor= To have a Look or to Check something out, to have a Sqizz

Stack it= To have a Prang, accident

Shaggin Wagon= Panel Van

Skull= To down a drink in one hit, usually a Beer

Stitched up= Same as shafted


Tally ho = farewell or goodbye or cigarette rolling papers

The other half= Referring to either partner, spouse

The Plod= Police

The back of Bourke = any remote place

The blackstump = any remote place

Thingamebob = term for an object when actual name is forgotton

Thingamejig = when your trying to think of someones name and can't remember

This Arvo = short for this afternoon

Thunders Rolling= Mothers on the loose, Deep shit, Trouble

Turn it up = Same as Fair crack of the whip

Tin Lids= Kids, children

Tinny=can of beer, aluminum dingy

Trouble & Strife= Wife

Taken to the cleaners= Been Had


Up at a Sparrows Fart= Have to get up early for work or something

Up th' duff = pregnant
uni =university

Up the creek= Polite way of saying you are Up shit creek without a paddle

Up shit creek without a paddle= You have blown it, done something which is hard to undo


Vegemite= A True Blue Aussie spread for Spreading on Bread, whatever

Veg Out = same as slug
Visitor to Vegemite Valley= Poofter


Walloper= Police

Wanker= Idiot

Warwick farm= Arm

Whosiwhatsit = term for a person when their name is forgotton

Wig-warmer = a hat

Who let fluffy off the chain= same as farted,popped, dropped your guts

Whomajigger = term for a person or thing when the actual name is forgottton

Watch the Box= Watch the TV, or Tele.

Water the horse= Male going to the toilet

Wife = the dragon lady.
Wig-wam for a gooses bridle = same as thingamajig
White Cuppa= To have tea with milk added




Your shout/who's shout= the next round of alcoholic drinks



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