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Jessica Lynn's Page

Hello! My name is Jessica Lynn O. Thank you for visiting my webpage. Be sure to check out the pictures of my friends and family, and links to their pages below!

I'm 21 years old and I work full time in a retail electronics store, I'm also a college student with an undecided major. I love watching movies, especially at the theater, listening to alternative and hard rock music. Well, that is a little bit about me! I know it's not much but thank you for visiting my page anyway! Please sign my guestbook and take my little quiz, and don't forget to check out my links at the bottom, feel free to email me too!

This page is still a work in progress, so come back soon and see my changes. Last updated 01/14/2004.

Meet my new brothers!!
This is Gabe, Gage and Gavin. Welcome to our family!


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I Love My Car!!
OK, so this isn't MY car, but it looks exactly like it :-). My baby...A 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE Coupe.

Here are some pics of my friends and I
For more pictures click on the SECOND PICTURE PAGE link on the bottom of this page!
Here I am with Brent.
My friends Melissa and Jenny
Ha Ha, Brent again :-)
My sisters, Jamie and Allison (and me)!
Click here to get to Jamie's webpage.
My sister Jamie and my brother-in-law Raphael, aren't they cute!
Click here to get to Raph's webpage.
This is my little sister Allison holding a friends puppy, next to her is our puppy Buford!
Click here to get to Allison's webpage.
A bunch of my friends at my house before our senior prom. l-r Jenny, Katie, Corey, Ryan and Melissa, and me in front!
Click here to get to Katie's webpage.
This is my Uncle Matt, Aunt Becky, and my cousins Jacob and Caleb. Aren't they adorable!!

Here are links to the webpages of three of the best Alternative and Hard Rock radio stations in Indiana. X 102 and 98.9 the Bear are based in Ft. Wayne, IN and their surrounding cities. The X 103.3 is based in Indianapolis, IN. Each site also has an option to listen to each station live on the internet, check them out!!

Jessica's Links

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