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They call me the breeze

here is my own pathetic geek story concerning the Spaceman. it's a long one, so be forewarned. might wanna make yourself a cup of coffee--or tea...or whatever, to ya know, enjoy while--ugh!...i think i'm tired! not making sense! sorry! anyway, this is the tale of a northern--erm, more like a sad--soul:

the setting: Radiohead/Spriritualized 4/2/98, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Fransisco, CA.

to carry on the great (use word at yer own discretion) tradition of the grüpyz, my friends Karen and Leslie have created fake backstage passes for each of us (did i mention that mine says my name is "ALF Phuckmi" or something like that? doh...the embarrassment continues). that actually look decent, i mean, they're in those plastic sleeves or what have you. anyway, we arrive at about...6:00, the show starts at around 8 i think. so, yeah, we sneak in through a side door...staff guy comes after us,

"hey! do you have some kind of--" we show him our "passes"

"okay, sorry bout that. anyway, you should go in through the front, these doors don't go anywhere, where are you going?"

"um...dunno" (are we obvious enough for ya?)

anyway, we leave the building...get hassled by a homeless guy who insists upon telling us a (pro)feminist joke, (according to him) after we give him some money. so we circle the building a few more times, knowing if we try the front, they'll catch on to us. so we try the back, like we did for oasis. and get in again, go past the dressing room (again), slide/scurry under the black curtain to the back stage area (again), and mull around looking totally conspicuous (again). so we see one of the guys from Radiohead (not thom y.) talking to...(pause, gasp, god, the man is god himself. erm, well, i have a hunch he is anyway) Jason Spaceman Pierce of Spriritualized. so Leslie then goes,

"oh shit! where is my pen?! i musta dropped it back there!"

you see...she's gotta have a pen, so Radiohead can sign some shit (that i couldn't really care about to tell you the truth). anyway, what to do know? i tell Karen to ask Jason for a pen. not meaning right at that second, but she does and interrupts them talking, and we fucking feel rude and humiliated. but i don't think they hear her, or know what's going on, so they continue talking for a sec, then Radiohead guy leaves. and Jason is there with his bags (i dunno what was in them now that i think about travel bags with clothes or some shite). so Karen asks him again. but he can't hear her, she is talking quiet, 'cos we are so lame. so he's like, "what?"
and she says almost in a whisper, "a pen"
and he says "what?"
repeat about two more times.
he puts down his bags and he whispers in an English accent "i can't hear you" and his manager, or someone who is in charge of him asks what we want and finally produces a pen and tells us to give it back, 'cos it's his lucky pen. so now we're stuck with a pen and nothing to do with it, no other band members that we recognize are in sight, Jason has gone to put his bags in back. he's still hanging around though. i don't think he knows exactly what he's doing. to tell you the truth he was lookin' pretty out of it. but anyway, i looked at him right in the face and i didn't say anything. aaah! i have heard from a few people that he is like an extraordinary person to talk to, a fucking genius and amazing character. so naturally i'm intimidated. he probably thought we had no idea who he was. i felt so rude, i hate those typa situations. so anyway, we give the pen back to the manager, and start looking for Leslie’s pen (duh). as we head back to the doors where we came in, this guy (the manager guy maybe) whispers to a staff member and aims a finger at us pointedly, just as leslie is scurrying down to pick up her pen, looking unmistakably out of place--we are so transparent. so we just continue walking out the door, i'm paranoid the guy is following us, Karen and Leslie are a little annoyed, i think. so that's it. we kinda give up after circling the building a final time, and just get in line and go in, dejected, with the normal people.

next time a plan.

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