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As fire fills the sky Now in deaths glory
We once belived in life Mans final destiny
Now time to die The final price to pay
...For Victory ...For Victory
  -- Bolt Thrower (We do NOT listen Bolt Thrower...)

Our ancestors fought the Cybrids(tm) in the last Earthsiege(tm) but not with any degree of success. Our great-great-great-great-grandfathers were among the first who jumped, and the less said about that, the better. Out fathers blew themselves into teeny little bits three jumpgates back, taking the Blood Eagle(tm) with them.
We were born 15 jumpgates back on a world we left to the soft ones, Imperial lackeys.

Now we're on Septa Scarabrae IV, and we wear the bombvest of manhood. The Starwolf(tm) and the Diamond Sword(tm) got here first. Settles their ships, dug in.
This is a good world, a lush planet.

We'll take it for our people and quite unfortunately, probably die in the attempt.
But such is life in the Suicide Crusade. Short and full of nasty, sharp suprises.

Favorite servers:

Server name +:ses -:ses Battle#1,#2 and #3 CM tribe plays here and good players too. ach ! deutch ! rauss ! panzerknacker ! its german server and lotsa german players there. Blitzer !
MBNET Renegades Fast connections(from Finland). Too many finnish players here... too immature players... too many team killers... and so on ; )
iNET Tribes Fast connections, new maps Usually not much players here...
Clan Censored Fast connection, good players No renegade mod



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