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Hi there.
I am doing research for my step dad, Jackie R. Lee. He doesn't know a whole lot about his Lee roots as he ran away from home at age 14. I hope you are able to help me help him.

Here's a brief lineage begining with My step dad's grandfather --

First Generation I have info on--
       John Wesley Lee
b. Aug 1832 in Dade county Ga. D. Nov 1921 Hardin Co. Tx
  wife--Martha Jane Lowe b. 1850 in Ga. d. after 1921


-Sarah E. Lee b. 1868 Ga. (no further info)
-John Fletcher Lee b. May 1870 In Dade Co. Ga   d June 1941 in Hardin Co. Tx.

Second Generation I have info on--
  Joh Fletcher Lee
1st wife Laura Fizzell b. 1872 in Alabama (married Oct 1886 in Ga.)


-Earnest A. Lee b. 2/28/1892 d.6/8/1956
-Earl Lee b. 1897 (dade co.,ga) d. by 1941
-Bessie Lee b. about 1901 in Dade Co., Ga
-Elana Lee b. about 1903
-Sherman Lee b. about 1908
-Perlie E. Lee b. 3/16/1912 d.3/21/1912 (Hardin Co., Tx)

Laura died during or shortly after Perlie was born. No info on date or burial. John married a little over a year later - 12/1/1913- to 2nd wife
Annetta "Nettie" Yarbrough
b. 1900 Tx.


-Mabel Lee b. 1915 in Hardin Co. Tx
-Norman Buster Lee b. 9/25/1919 in Hardin County, Tx.
-Jack Lee b. 5/23/1925 in Hardin Co., Tx
-Bertha Lee b around 1926 Hardin Co., Tx

Nettie, who was only 13 when she married John Fletcher Lee, died shorty after Bertha was born. No date or burial info. John remarried on 10/25/1927 in Tx. to his third and last wife
Mollie Floy Phillips
b. 1908 Tx.


-Bettie Rae Lee b.10/13/1928 d. within 24 hrs. of birth-in Hardin Co. Tx.
-Frances Marie Lee b. about 1932 Hardin Co. Tx. (no further info)
-Nettie Mae Lee b. about 1934 Hardin Co, Tx. (no further info)
-Jackie Ray Lee (MY STEP DAD) b. 8/21/1936 in Hardin Co., Tx. (LIVING)
-John Winston Lee (JW) b. 9/29/1938 in Hardin Co., Tx (LIVING)


NOTE- According to John Fletcher Lee's obituary, he had a brother named Ed Lee. This is the first and last documentation of any other siblings besides Sarah E. Lee. I imagine Ed was possibly born in Dade Co., GA --- but I am just guessing.


I am trying to get further info on all of my step dad's siblings (from all 3 of his Father, John Fletcher Lee's marriages. This guy (John) began having kids in 1892 and continued til his 15th child was born in Sept. 1938. To me that is just amazing--The oldest child was 46 when the youngest was born.


I would also like to get info on the family tree prior to John Wesley Lee. I think that this Lee lineage is connected to Robert E. Lee and would appreciate any and all help you are able to give. If you know of anyone else researching this family -- please forward my email along to them.

My address is ---