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Elderly Woman Dies From Exposure

The following newspaper article ran in the Fannin County Gazette (Bonham, Texas) around January 27, 1978.

The body of 89-year-old Mrs. Johnny Semosh, who lived in the Carson Community near Lamasco, was found in the road leading up to her rual home Friday (1/27/78) afternoon, according to the investigating Sherrif's Deputy Lonnie Henegar. She apparenty froze to death.

Henegar said Charles Steen traveled up the road about 3 p.m. while looking for a farm for sale and discovered Mrs. Semosh lyng face down in a rut in the road.

The deputy said Mrs. Semosh's hands were bloodied, as well as her face. He surmised that the woman had laid overnight Thursday

in 15 degree temperatures unable to get up or to call for anyone to hear her pleas. Her walking cane was found beneath her body.

Justice of the Peace R. F. Mankin ruled the death due to exposure.

According to Henegar, the woman's husband said she left the house about 5 p.m Thursday and he assumed she was going to visit one of two neighbor women. Even though there was a telephone in the house, Henegar said, he didn't call authorities when his wife didn't return.

The husband told Henegar that Mrs. Semosh often went for walks and to stay with neighbors. When Henegar got to the Semosh house, Semosh, who is also elderly and has a hard time getting around, was watching television. Henegar said the woman's body was discovered avout 150 yards from her house.

The deputy said he uestioned two neighbor women whom Mrs. Semosh often visited, but they said she had not visited Thursday evening or Friday morning. Henegar said that the woman had a recent history of falling down and not being abl to get up on her own.

Services for Mrs. Beatrice Semosh will be held at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at Wise Funeral Chapel. (in Bonham) Burial will be in the Gum Springs Cemetary. (in the Carson area)

Born in San Antonio June 23, 1888, she was a homemaker and a member of the Catholic Church.

Survivors include; her husband, John Semosh, II of Telephone, step son John Semosh, III of Eunice, Louisanna, and one step grandchild-Virginia (Ginny) Ann Thomison.

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